Weird UFOs spotted over St Louis, Missouri

On November and December 2016, a witness has seen twice some UFOs in the sky, over St. Louis, Missouri. He has detailed these observations on MUFON website.

Witness report:

11-19-16 1:52am - south county St. Louis
Heading northwest, flying very low and moving slowly, roughly the size of a commercial airliner.

Totally silent. Not one single craft but 5 separate flying in unison. At one point one of the craft strayed away from the others just slightly. Below is what i jotted down immediately after the sighting.

12-22-16 6:03pm - Heading east towards the JB bridge. Flying very low and silent. Also moving very slowly. I wasnt able to take a picture but the image below depicts almost exactly what i saw. The image is a screenshot of the text i sent to my father after the sighting took place.