Weird red spherical-shaped UFOs caught in Beverly Hills

On February 1st, 2017, an automobilist was driving on a road in Beverly Hills when he has taken a photo of some strange red spherical-shaped UFOs in the sky. Is it just a reflection or UFO?

Witness statement:

Driving thru medium heavy traffic in the morning about 9:00 am on my way to see about a building permit in Beverly Hills, which by the way you have to check in before 10:00 am and I was still about 20 mins. out, anyway I was taking picture of all the new construction going on down Sunset blvd. I saw some pinkish glowing lights in the distance that seemed to be moving slow in like a sweeping motion I snapped a few shots and didn't think to much of it knowing LAX was kind of out in that direction, but later on that evening I dumped the pictures into the computer and I zoomed in on those lights and as you can see the pictures speak for them selves, you can see a plane flying by above with Chem trails traversing in the background. I reported another major sighting I had back in 21 APR 2012 that's where I got all this UFO drawings and information I reported it to you guys, but I guess no one took it serious enough to take a look I have real drawings given to me telepathically and I put them on CAD. I known that this is just another sign I keep asking for before going public with this I've had this information for over five years now wondering what to do with it this is life changing event stuff all TESLA Technology, no need for fuel. and like the last one which by the way I also have pictures not as good as these, but I have them. and like the last one it just disappeared. (this is number 11 for me) in all the pictures look on the right hand side for pinkish glowing lights on the last picture look at the right bottom corner around the street light one on top and one below.