Weird light spots film over Valencia, California

On February 12, 2017, a witness was with his kids in park of Valencia (California). Laid on the grass, he has filmed several white UFO flying in the blue sky and changing places quickly.

Witness statement:

My kids and I go to the park often and we like to lay on the grass and look at the sky. Today it is crystal clear with no clouds. We often see airplanes fly overhead but this these were obviously not planes.

I watched them for about a minute before pulling out my Galaxy Note 5 set to 1920x1080 30p with Image stabilization on.

When I first noticed them I thought they were balloons but quickly realized they were not because of their size and speed. They moved like fighter jets changing formation darting around then getting back into various formations. because of how high they are and large about the size of airplanes I knew they were not normal, I knew I needed to record them.

At the beginning of the video, they look very far away and tiny. It's unfortunate that smartphone cameras make things that are about the distance of an airplane look much tinier than they are because to the human eye these UFO's were much closer like looking up at an airplane flying over at about 2,000-3,000 feet.

It was also clear these things were metallic as they were very reflective and would get easier to see as they maneuvered and changed direction in the sky.

I zoomed in but because of how bright the sun was it was hard to see my screen which is why I loose them in conjunction with how fast they were moving across the sky.

Lastly, I know it may lose some credibility because I put my product logos on the video but I have a family to support so I had to capitalize on this unique and puzzling experience with my kids.