Weird glowing orb spotted over Cypress, Texas

On February 21, 2017, a man was out riding his Harley in a road in Cypress (Texas, in southern USA). Suddenly, in the night, he has seen a mysterious glowing white orb in the sky.

Witness statement:

I was out riding my Harley and saw a strange light in sky. Pulled over and noticed it was very bright and no flashing lights. No stars visible in sky plus this was too close. Filmed and took pictures for about 45 minutes. It never moved very much. It was spinning and had structural design. Very similar to ufo's on tv. I felt very curious about it. Called my wife, she went outside and saw it too. I was also with my friend who witnessed it also. I have many more photos and lots of video that wouldn't upload. This was taken with an iPhone 7 plus with a telephoto camera. It was still there when we got home and I don't know when it left.