Very strange UFO caught during summer 1973

In the summer of 1973, a group of people has spotted a silver cone-shaped UFO with 10 globes around the base and 5 around the crown flying over Lac-Saint-Paul in Quebec, Canada.

Witness statement:

In 1973 (approximation) A group of people was having lunch one afternoon in Lac St-Paul (near Ferme-Neuve, Quebec) and took 7 pictures of this UFO. I don't have them anymore but I remember that one could see that the object tilted at times in the air while hovering. All I have is a magnified version of the best pic which I kept over the years. On the original picture, the object was about 1-2mm in size. There was another decent pic from the side but 45 degree tilted upward, the 5 other pics were from under the UFO and would almost look like a disk.