UFO landed in Lesage (WV) in 1990

One day of May 1990, a young child was in the family home in Lesage (West Virginia). During this gathering, he has seen a huge UFO placed on the ground. There is no photo or video on this event.

Witness statement:

I was about 4 or 5 years old at the time. i woke up in the floor of my bedroom with no memory of who i was who my family was except my mother. the day this happened to me is always vivid in my mind and it cant escape me for anything. the day went on with me being scared of every person i met; aunt uncles cousins. for some reason we were having a family dinner that day at my grandparents house. as the day went on i began to recall what i thought at the time as a dream. now i believe otherwise. what i recalled was something i could have never known since my parents didnt let me watch shows that would have aliens or crafts of the sort in them. the event which i know now was a memory happened like this; it was still night out, i was standing at the end of what appeared to be a spaceship, at the time i didn't have a description of what it was. it was long. i would say roughly 30 to 50 feet long more cylinder shaped but almost flat at he bottom. the walk way was down and a bright white light was shinning from it. the opening itself was roughly 10 to 15 feet across and 10 to 15 high. i was standing at the end waving at whom ever was inside. i remember holding someones hand but not sure who it was. i remember feeling the wind as the walk way went up and covered the opening. it began to take off and then black. after the beginning of the take off i cant remember anything else. i don't think it was a dream as i had never even heard or knew about UFO's at the time. this memory was so vivid and real to me. its was almost 26 years ago and i can still see the whole event in my head. it was almost like i knew the things inside. for along time i thought i might have been switched with another kids and i was in fact an alien genetically altered to look feel and even be human. i have since had kids and i fear that something like this may happen to them. i have since only one other time seen a UFO in my life. i want to know so bad all the detail and have thought about hypnosis to see if i can recall any thing from then.

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