Two alien lights caught over St. Louis, Missouri

On February 2, 2017, in night, a witness was driving home. In St. Louis, Missouri, he has spotted two unidentified lights hovering in the sky. He has caught a photo of it. What is it?

Witness report:

I was driving home from a nearby food store about 9:35 PM on Thursday February 2nd, 2017 and noticed two larger than usual lights low in the sky to my right about 1/2 mile from my house. I was driving north on a side-street intersecting mine. When looking west, between trees and housetops, I could see the strangely discernible globe shaped headlights of what otherwise seemed must be a very close commercial airliner. Curiously, the usual forward flare was not apparent in each light as with plane landing lights. I saw two small round white globes of light about about a finger's distance apart if held at arms length. Depending on the landing patterns being used by St. Louis airport six miles away, I often see low (about one to two-thousand foot) commercial aircraft coming from the west to turn around to the west to land, I'm southeast of the airport. This craft seemed much lower and much closer than usual. It was never above the trees nor the two story single homes of my neighborhood. I could only see the lights between houses and usually through the winter trees, sometimes in empty sky. Myself traveling north, I then turned west onto my one-way street for the two block drive to my house.

About 1/2 way down my street, the lights had become larger and further apart and lower and now almost directly in front of me looking down the street. At the end of my street is a large city cemetery, several city blocks in size, with interspersed trees. When almost directly in front of me the lights "stopped" moving diagonally from the southwest to northeast and seemed to come directly towards me. The lights had seemed stopped but were getting larger and lower still and so I'd guessed the craft had changed direction and was heading towards me.

I was now very slowly driving just a few houses from mine, staring at how bright and big the lights were, with a strange flickering to them. In hindsight, I suspect that it was the shadows through the trees that caused the flicking I saw in the light, which were between us as the craft was moving. Yet, the lights were distinctly two large globes with very bright light with a very wide flaring from them.

The lights then started to very slowly ascend and dim in size and brightness. The left side light then quickly "tilted" up so to at least a sixty degree angle from the other. I was now stopped in front of my house to turn into my driveway, a small red light then appeared between the two lights which were now much less in size and brightness, yet still equidistant, and apparently now just above the trees as the flickering of the lights had stopped. It then quicly flew to the northwest "banking" away to my right. From a very slow ascent, it had then immediately flew about the rate of a fighter jet banking in an airshow, quickly going out of sight while staying in the same "tilted" position.

In the associated hybrid image, the picture is simply a "likeness". It's created from a picture I took a frew minutes after the event, and used GIMP software to paint in the lights. The globes of the lights were about the depicted relative size, but the flaring I saw was much brighter and wider, the software I used was not able to depict the level I thought I saw. If it wasn't for what I perceived as a flicking in the lights, I wouldn't have thought by how it appeared that there was anything between the lights and myself, they were so bright. I had to squint my eyes to continue to look at it. They were behind two winter trees, a small one just before the cemetery fence, and a three-times larger one about forty yards straight behind.

When the lights had slowly ascended from that image depicted position, it appeared to also slowly move backwards as well as the lights slowly dimming. When it was just above the larger tree, the flickering had then stopped, that's when the left light stayed equidistant but quickly raised to a sixty degree angle above the other. It then started to move quickly away, a small red light then appeared and it accelerated and banked away at sixy degrees towards the airport until it was out of sight behind trees and houses.

At the image moment, I was crawling to a stop just in front of my house (the barrel mine, the white fence my next door neighbor's), it was a bit intense for me. I remember telling myself, "I just think I'm seeing this, this can't be happening." That's when it was just essentially that low but appeared to be moving closer at that low level judging by the globe areas of lights getting further apart and bigger. That's also when I had to squint to continue looking at it, it was intensely bright. No cars went by on the cross street, nor did a car come up behind me while I was on my street. A yellow helicopter did fly by, traveling north to south at most one-hundred feet over the cross-street, just before I got to my house, obviously between the lights and I.

Once it was out of sight, I drove into my driveway and got my groceries out of the trunk. When picking them up I noticed I'd started to uncontrollably tremble. I'd realized I couldn't deny I'd seen something unconventional, and more so, that it seemed "targeted" towards me. It seemed it was some sort of craft over the cemetery. It seemed that what it was doing, that it had me "in mind".

In 2009 and 2010, especially that fall, I made a number of reports to MUFON, many from around my home as this one. I've not had any reports since until this obvious one, where this experience is making me wonder about the future.