Mysterious 'Pedophilic Alien' in Japan

A little schoolgirl encountered a strange male passer-by on her way back home from school in Western Tokyo. The man was dressed all in black and called to the girl: "Hey! I'm an alien!" The terrified child complained her parents, who called the police. Soon, rumors of an alien pedophile flooded the Japanese Internet.

On January 25, Tokyo Metropolitan Police received a notice via e-mail reading that around 2 p.m. on that same day in the city of Mitaka, Western Tokyo a small school girl on her way home was called to by an elderly man in his 70-s dressed all in black who shouted: "Hey! I'm an alien!" Japanese news site J-cast News reported on Thursday.

The report was sent by the parent of the abused child. The police boosted security measures in the district where the incident took place.

A brief investigation proved that a man who looked the same was spotted not far from the school by other children on January 23-24, but did not say anything to them.

The suspect has not been identified yet, but the Internet has swarmed with rumors about the "encounter with something unknown."

Locals covered bulletin boards in the district with posters saying: “Was he introducing himself in that way?" or "Some nasty pedophilic alien."

One Poster even reads: "Was that Yukio Hatoyama?" Yukio Hatoyama is a former Japanese Prime Minister who briefly was in the office from September 2009 to June 2010 and was nicknamed "alien" for his unusual character and habits. Actually, he is 100% off the list of suspects.

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