Metallic UFO caught over White Pigeon, in Michigan

On September 23, 2014, a witness has spotted and taken a photo a metallic UFO flying over an airplane. This rotating orb has been photographed since the city of White Pigeon, in Michigan.

Witness report:

I was jumping in a leaf pile at around 4:00 pm when I heard the sound of a plane. Naturally, looked up to see what kind of plane it was. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a black, metallic object that reflected light ahead of the plane. I thought it was another plane, but it had no wings, was orb-shaped, and seemed to be rotating. It was stationary as the plane flew by. I decided to grab my phone from my pocket to snap a photo so that I had proof to show others. I managed to get the plane in the photo. While the ordeal was occurring, I was a bit scared that I would be abducted, but also intrigued at the fact that the technology must be far more advanced than ours. I decided to run into the house to grab my camera to take a video or at least a high-quality photo. When I had come out, the object had vanished. I never saw the object again.