Metallic flying saucer seen over Oceanside, CA

On January 29, 2017, at 2:10 PM, a witness has seen a metallic flying saucer over Oceanside (California) during about 45 seconds.

Witness report:

Noticed a metallic looking object floating in the sky, heading east from west, clear blue sky, little bit of wind, maybe 1000 feet high guesstimate, maybe 10 feet wide guesstimate. No sound or fumes. It could be a Mylar Balloon floating but not sure, and don't think so, so took a couple of pics. Object drifted behind the big tree, then never reappeared. Strange.

My wife and I have also seen many lights in the night sky over the past month. Some are a brilliant flash of light, size of a distant star. Some flash 3 times and then disappear. This is all happening over southern California, near Marine base, Camp Pendelton, Oceanside.

Photo: Oceanside's Tyson St. Park beach, bWestjones - Just Walking. :), CC BY-SA 3.0Link