Huge UFO seen buzzing over buildings in Bangalore

On January 25, 2017, an incredible UFO was seen flying across the sky over the city of Bangalore, in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Scott C. Waring, amazing ufologist, explains:

In this video we see an unidentified flying object moving across the sky from one side of town to the other in just a few moments. Its silent and smooth movement is incredible, but its design...two disks one above another that is really baffling to me. I have never seen a UFO like this before...its really got me scratching my head about this one.

This video blew me away when I saw the craft pass behind the buildings. What this tells me is that the UFO was huge! I am talking city bus size and it passed extremely close to these buildings. No jet engine heard, no propellers or wings detected and from the looks of it, no one on the ground seemed to have any idea what the heck this could be other than an alien craft.