Bright UFO caught over Bangladesh

On January 26, 2017, a witness has taken a glowing UFO moving slowly over Habiganj District, in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. He states it's not the first time that he saw it…

Witness statement:

I am not so good in English so i tried my best to describe that indecent to you. that time i was inside a watch tower of a wildlife sanctuary for photograph birds. i was that way west cause there is a mandar tree (local bengali name) in that side, suddenly my friend called me twice for something to see. which is my backside because that time he was that way east taking ordinary landscape type pictures of sun rising by using his cell phone. i went that place but i didn't found it quickly that's why he helped me to figured it out what took some time. i found it lately but able to saw it moving or falling down like a vibrated leaf very slowly also i'm pretty sure about that it doesn't match anything like falling stars because it was vibrating like something else and also few months ago i also saw a same thing from that place for a few moment and that was my first trip to there after that i went there 3 times in 2 or 3 months i searched for that object but wont be able to saw but these time my friend helped me to find it again. the following falling path of that object was not likely straight down. it was falling down from upper right corner to down left corner. i was able to saw it for 8-10 seconds. but didn't get the chance or enough time for focus that object with my telephoto lens. then i asked my friend for more details. he's replied to me "first i thought it was a coin shaped star but why a star should appeared in morning where none of others are visible and suddenly it moves for a little and stop, what makes me more curious to see it all of a sudden again it moves for a little. it was so cleared that i took a picture with my cell phone and turned behind to call you because numbers of time you were used to say that you had UFO sightings before what we used to laugh about. after i called you 2 or 3 times and looked around for, it was started to moving by it self. i swear it seems like something is floating or vibrating and trying to act like stay still minimum 4 to 5 minutes. but i was thinking about is there any other things what look like this. rocket, plane or else i didn't found any matches"

Honorable MUFON authority, maybe i am not allowed to request here in description but this is my second time when i'm informing you about my sightings which incidents are already happened with me before in various ways. if you looked back or found my previous claim you can saw something. which is all those sightings even these last one too, carrying with it a same matter or activity i guess, or you may judge my words better, because all those times and even now these recent one. before i'm able to perfectly realized about these objects, it feels like it was standing here form few times but if i tried to see it properly blink of a eye as fast as it can or suddenly started to ran away. what makes me feeling inside i was watched or followed or observed by that thing. Luckily this time i caught it with an evident which i am showing you. please authority i am begging you for take my claim seriously i want some answers. if you guys kind enough to make any contact with me i had many more details and questions waiting, what i need to know about my past sightings. i write here all my words and praying you might believe. for the last time sir i'm not trying to make jokes on it. what continuously happening with me i just need some answers or experts advice. Please.