Black UFO caught since a casino in Singapore

One day of October 2010, a witness was on the top of Marina Bay Sands when he has seen a curious black UFO flying over ships. He has had enough time to take an incredible photo.

Witness report:

I am not sure if I sent this to you before. I was on top of the sands casino taking photos. I had a 300mm lenses and spotted this in the sky above me over the water where there were large ships. I watched it for about 30 min as it reflected greens and reds. I was asking others what they thought it was because it had to be big. It was over the water over the ships. I was on the top of a building and it was above me.

I went to take a few more photos and it was gone. It was in my view for over 30 min. I have he RAW images that are date stamped. I took a photo that I had of it which put it far enough out to see the ships then overlaid a 300mm shot that I zoomed in a little and posted on my website for awhile.

Still no idea what it was but I still have a ton of pictures of it if you are interested in more.

Anyway, if you have an idea, please let me know.