Triangular-shaped UFO discovered over Louisville

On January 7, 2017, a young man has discovered a brown triangular-shaped UFO over his home, in Louisville (Kentucky), by using Google Street View. What is it?

Witness statement:

My son was looking for his phone and realize it was on his bed, when he picked it up Google satellite was some how pulled up on his phone, he was like what the heck .. so he started looking at what the satellite map was on.. he realized it was on our house, he was shocked to see a object hovering over our house.. the object appears to be triangle in shape and brown in color... he snapped shot from different angles ... I am not sure what this object is, it could be a leaf or something on the satellite lens... but looks to be a UFO.., would love for your team to look at pictures and let us know if this is a object on the lens or if a UFO was really over our house!