Multiple glowing UFOs spotted in Great Britain

On May 1st, 2010, a man and his wife have seen multiple weird UFO illuminating the night sky somewhere in Great Britain…

Witness statement:

My husband and me were on our way down a narrow alleyway through a housing estate on our way to a friend's birthday party. I don't know what time it was exactly but it was getting dark. I noticed a light in the sky, approximately to the south - the housing estate is like a maze but that's roughly the direction I think. I stood on tiptoes and saw over the fence that there were actually three lights in the sky. We had seen UFOs before so we were pleased to see them again I suppose as they are a highlight in a fairly ordinary existence, but we didn't stop very long. If they had been moving I expect we would have stayed to watch, but I just took a few pictures then we kept going, looking back up every once in a while until that area of sky was out of sight. Picture quality is bad I'm sorry due to the light levels and because I had to stand on tiptoes - they were all points of light despite how they look in some of the pictures. I don't remember noticing a colour but the pictures show them to be red/orange. I'm not sure if I edited the pics at any point to show up the lights better but I didn't edit anything into them anyway!