Multi-colored UFO caught over Maple Ridge, Canada

On August 7, 2014, an inhabitant of Maple Ridge (a city in British Columbia, Canada) has seen and photographed a multi-colored light flying in the night sky. What is it?

Witness report:

I was upstairs in our home laying in bed. It was near midnight, and it was a clear, warm summer night. I woke up for some reason and sat up and looked out my bedroom window (which faces the north west direction). We live in the country and it is very quiet and dark at night (no street lights). Route 605 is a rural road and our house is quite close to it.

Across the road is our neighbor (another old farm house). When I looked out the window, I saw something hovering in the sky close to the horizon (but above the trees, behind my neighbors house. We live on a hill (ridge) and the crest of the ridge is behind my neighbors house. What I saw looked a bit like a string with lights on it in the sky. It was moving a bit like a snake would (wave pattern), but it had lights on it in different colours. It made no sound and I watched it for about a minute. I got up out of bed and went downstairs. My brother was still up (playing x-box), and I grabbed the camera. I told my brother to come look, that there was something floating in the air above my neighbors house. We ran outside to our front lawn, and I tried to take as many photos of it as I could. I took about 4 photos (most were too dark for any detail, which we found out later), but while we watched it (it was slowly moving from right to left) it seemed to shift direction (90 degrees) and start to move away from us. It wasn't like a plane turning. It simply stopped in the air, seemed to spin around and then start to move. In a matter of a few seconds, it disappeared. It seemed to be speeding up as it moved away. We only saw this thing the one time, and have held off in reporting it.

The best photo I have attached. I am standing on our side of the road, looking up through the power/telephone lines, with the neighbor's trees (on their front lawn) in the photo. The largest tree is a large poplar tree, approximately 15 - 20 m tall.