Black M-shaped UFO over Maple Ridge, Canada

On August 12, 2017, seven people were having a barbecue in Maple Ridge (British Columbia, Canada). Suddenly, a black M-shaped UFO is appeared in the blue sky…

Witness report:

We where having a neighborhood BBQ, sitting an the balcony socializing ( 7 people in total) when Colin noticed a strange looking light in the sky. We all where talking about it because it never moved. It just hovered. We also noticed 5 very faint orb type light that moved around the larger object very rapidly. In the blink of they eye they changed directions. We eventually got some binoculars and got a better view. Colin got his camera with a 300 ml zoom and started taking pictures. Clouds started to move in but we where able witness a completely different object that approached this group. Through the camera lens the new object appeared triangular like a stealth bomber. On approach the orbs got more active but the strange larger object never moved. The clouds eventually thickened and the view of the objects was lost. In total it was roughly an hour long incident.


UFO caught between Durango and Silverton

On August 5, 2017, a traveler was in a train between Durango and Silverton, Colorado, while he took a photo of a flying saucer without notice it…

Witness statement:

On 8/05/2017 Departed on the Durango to Silverton Train at about 9:00 am.As the train was traveling I was taking numerous photos of the breathtaking scenery until we reached Silverton. Later that evening at the motel I downloaded the photos from my camera to my laptop and was going over them.I noticed in one photo that it had some kind of an object or bird looking thing in the background.I then zoomed the photo in and noticed it was some type of an object above one of the mountains.I was very surprised and to me it looked like a UFO. The only time I saw the object was in the photo and never noticed it as I took the photo.I still what it could be.


Large cigar-shaped UFO over St Croix, Canada

On July 23, 2017, a glowing cigar-shaped UFO has been caught over Saint Croix, a rural community in York County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Witness report:

I was taking some photos of the milky way. and had just set up my camera and had taken a few shots, at F3.5 25 sec. at 2500. I had live view on and just tuned to my right and when I did I saw this huge white object overhead. It was very very white, but did not hurt the eyes. It was the whitest thing I have every seen. I was shocked for a few seconds, then I tried to get my camera off the tripod. I couldn't see to change the settings, and it was almost gone, so I switched my camera to movie mode and took a series of single shots. It disappeared and after a few minutes I put my camera back on the tripod and took a few more shots of the stars and the milky way. When I processed the files the next day, I found that it was also in one of the milky way shots. It looks vertical in all the shots I took, but when I saw it, it was horizontal. crescent shaped and had a very small tail(?) in the centre. I don't know what else to call it. but it was just notable not very large. Because I had a small lens on and it was almost gone, I didn't get any really good shots, but if they are enlarged you can see it, and it is better in the milky way shot even if it is farther away. I was disappointed that I didn't get a closeup, but I was pleased to see it. I have raw files of the photos. If you would like I can email jpeg of them. If you want the raw files I can send them some other way. They are too big for internet.
When I saw the photos I went on line to see where to send them. I found
National UFO and sent them there. I thought it was the same as mufon.
sorry about that.
I have cropped them all except the one with the milky way
My exif files show the time as 10.06. but this was a mistake as I didn't reset my time after a vacation. It was 11:06 pm


Grey donut-shaped UFO over Mineral Ridge

On July 5, 2017, a couple living over Mineral Ridge, Ohio, USA, saw a grey donut-shaped UFO. They took pictures and video of this object.

Eyewitness statement:

My husband and I were on the patio having a fire and watching the stars. I saw a shooting star, a couple airplanes and then noticed this. I thought it was a star, but then it appeared to move further away and then closer and maybe in a small circle. We could see like a pink light around it also. Then the clouds moved in and we can't see it any longer. I have a star gazing app and I help it up. The app did not pick the object up like it does to all stars. It was not moving like an airplane would move.


Pink stingray UFO over Culver City in 1965

On August 15, 1965, a man saw a pink stringray-shaped UFO over Culver City, California. He told his story on MUFON website.

Witness report:

Of course it is so many years now since this happened I am uncertain as to the year or month, but I do remember it was close to midnight because my friend, Paul, and I often talked about the girls at the event we went to every week end and the dance ended at 11:00 we would park in the alley behind where he lived on Sawtell Blvd. (between Venice Blvd. and Washington Blvd.)...I was leaning on the front of my mother's white Corvair which was pointed approximately SE and from over the tops of some palm trees at the far end of the alley I noticed something very strange looming larger and larger until it cleared the palms and I could see it was a something shaped like a Stingray...but the tail wasn't that was glowing pink in a very strange way...the way a black light appears if you stare at it...with fuzzy edges but a very distinct shape...and it was obvious to Paul that I was no longer listening to him and he said "What's wrong?" and I pointed to the object as it loomed larger and larger, perfectly silently, moving in a steady slow motion until it was right over us, quite high but quite big...I don't know why I could determine this except it stirred tremendous emotion in me because of this...I had never seen anything even remotely like it...and now Paul too was staring up at it as it came to a halt right above us. We were staring straight up at it's underside which had two fuzzy dark ovals in the center...I think we were both so dumbfounded we said nothing...everything was glowing pink in the alley, the tree tops, the white Corvair, our clothing, everything...and I noticed a strange metalic taste in my mouth...How strange, I thought, that it paused right above us like that...Also, I knew for a fact that we were witnessing the very first real contact with extraterrestrials and that all of Culver City must be witnessing the same was sooo huge...Suddenly it departed, kind of sliding off sideways and climbing, but at a speed so fast it left a series of fading images of itself...then it disappeared altogether in a somewhat Northerly direction. So then Paul and I run inside his place and wake up his parents and tell them to turn on the television because this is going to be on every channel!...but nothing...his parents say "Have you two been drinking?"...We are totally blown away that there is no mention of it on the radio or televsion...nothing...we keep checking the news for weeks...nothing...we talk about it together all the time for years...we think we must be mutually crazy...we write our observations and compare all matches...What should we do? We wonder...If we mention it to others they always say...oh sure, how come no one else reported it? No one believes us. How could this be, we ask ourselves...What the hell is this? We are frightened and weirdly traumatized by the fact that there is no corroboration of any kind except ourselves...We KNOW we experienced something so profound together. We know it has bonded us for life...That's a laugh...I don't even know if he's still alive...Here I am nearly 70 years old and reliving that night over and over...I often return to that alley and park there and just stare up at an indifferent sky...Once someone said: "What are doing here?"...Naturally I couldn't say...I don't really even know...It's all very peculiar...but still vivid in my mind...and when I think of it I can taste that weird metalic taste in my's like taste memory...and I can still see those fading trace images of it in it's sudden departure.


Strange square-shaped UFO over Río Tercero, Argentina

On October 8, 2016, a bright rectangular-shaped UFO was caught over Río Tercero, in Argentina. What is it?

Witness statement:

In October 2016 I was seeing a bird that built its nest in front of my house using a telephone cable. I took some photograph because it looked funny. When I saw the picture at the cell phone I noticed that a light appeared at the top / left side of it. The zoom showed me an object that I couldn’t see in others photographs of the sequence. I had shot five photos.


Weird rod-shaped object captured in Glendale, Arizona

On September 25, 2016, a man living in Glendale, Arizona, has filmed a weird rod near his home. Some ufologists and cryptoologists claims that rods are alien life forms, 'extradimensional' creatures or very small UFOs…

Witness report:

was going thru some video camera snap shots from surveillance camera and came across three rod shaped objects floating it was there then it was gone, bright white with arms or wings there is 3 so far I have 34,000 to go thru but all three have different number of arms and about the same length very clear pictures but nothing around for it to have been there.
all 3 where on different dates and times


UFOs noticed near ISS on August 3, 2017

On August 3, 2017, an inhabitant of Adelaide (Australia) was watching ISS app and he watched three strange lights. One of them looked like a flying saucer…

Witness statement:

I was watching tv this morning and noticed they were showing photos from the ISS and I thought I would have a look myself on an app on my iPhone and when I opened live camera image there were two objects and at first I thought camera reflection. I decided to take photos in that minute they where seen and then the camera started to play up and a new image appeared without the objects. I sent photos to my sister and now here I am telling you.


Weird red orb spotted in Sudbury, Ontario

On October 23, 2015, a red UFO like orb was seen flying over the city of Sudbury, in northern Ontario, Canada.

Eyewitness report:

There were 6 of us canoeing late October 2015 on the Chiniguchi River System east of Sudbury, Ontario. We were camping at the North end of Dewdney Lake at about 9:00pm. I noticed a red light due south of us. The red orb was stationary but after about 10 minutes, it drifted to the west slowly then disappeared. I captured many photos with a 30x telephoto on my Canon. An airplane in the area is plainly visible with running lights and 2 searchlights. One photo shows camera shake. Another at low magnification shows the light reflecting off the lake. This is my third sighting of lights so there was no surprise for me.

The others were curious but some discounted my UFO explanation. I farm and do carpentry, so I spend way more time outdoors than most, not including my canoe time. I also spent about 2 years working on and around aircraft, helicopters and fixed wing. This was neither. Surprisingly, the night before we camped about 15k south and a helicopter with searchlights buzzed our camp about 2:00am at low altitude. Is there a connection or just a coincidence? I saw an incredible light display about 25 years ago and finally saw a craft this July. I will file reports later.


A Bigfoot spotted in Eagle County, on January 2013

On January 1st, 2013, at about 5PM, several people saw a Bigfoot between Dotsero and Glenwood Springs on I-70 WB, in Eagle County, Colorado.

Witness statement:

My wife and myself and another couple were traveling west on I-70 roughly the 135 mile marker. The Colorado River is very visible to your left side only 50 yards away. The temperature was 10 degrees. It was about 5 pm, still plenty of daylight. We were all enjoying viewing the Colorado River when we all four noticed something tall thin and hairy walking in the middle of the river. It was slightly leaning forward and its arms were swinging. We just saw it for a few seconds, as we were traveling at highway speeds. We commented to each other that as strange as it seems it was a Bigfoot.

Photo: Houses in Dotsero along the south side of Interstate 70, along the Eagle River, bMatthew Trump Own work, ©, CC BY-SA 3.0Link


Weird round object caught in Schererville, IN

On July 28, 2017, a round bright light object is appeared in the sky over Schererville, Indiana, USA. This strange UFO didn't move in a linear path.

Witness statement:

On Friday July 28th 2017 at around 7:35P.M.. My girlfriend and I were driving Northbound on Indianapolis Boulevard (U.S. 41) to fill up our propane tank for our 6 year old daughters birthday party.

While driving into a city called Schererville IN, I noticed a round very bright light hovering high in the bright sky on the west side of the street. The light was so bright, I would describe it as a spotlight glaring right into my eyes, that it caught my attention in the bright blue sky. I told my girlfriend to look in the direction of the object and to take video of it with her phone. After having difficulties with her phone I told her to use my phones camera.

She brought up my camera on my phone and proceeded to video the object. At first she could not see the object because the object would dissappear and reappear. But when it appeared she saw the object and took video of it until it would dissappear again. The object would ascend and descend appear and dissappear moving from the west to the east and back again.

We tracked the round object for some time until we made it to our destination. While filling our propane tank we told the attendant about the object and all of us were scanning the skies to see it, but we could not find the object in the sky. After filling the propane tank we jumped back in our truck and proceeded Northbound on Indianapolis Boulevard once more to our next destination to buy party favors and balloons for the party.

While driving northbound and scanning the skies we saw several airplanes, I then told my girlfriend to try to video some airplanes for comparison to the object we saw.

After driving a short distance and scanning the skies for the object, we once again saw the object on the east side of the street. Again it was appearing and disappearing, moving from east to west, it did not have a linear pattern. She again took video of the object until it dissappeared.

We then made it to our destination and went into the store to buy our supplies. By the time we came out of the store it was getting dark and we could not find the object in the sky.

After arriving at home I took a really good look at the videos. In the videos the object was round and bright white. After zooming in on the object I noticed that the object had a black spot in its center. While looking at the video of the airplane, the aircraft was further away but you can clearly see the fuselage, the wings, and tail of the plane.

After reviewing the videos with my girlfriend who is a flight attendant, we both are in agreement that the round bright white object we saw was clearly NOT an airplane.

FYI. I am attaching 2 still shots from the video that we took. The first still is just a "frame shot", the second is the same "frame shot" but it is zoomed in. If you zoom in on the second shot you will get a closer look at the object.


Two fast UFO caught over Dayton, Wyoming

On July 28, 2017, two people were outside, drinking a coffee. Suddenly, they seen two UFOs faster than an aiplane over Dayton, Wyoming. What the hell is it?

Witness report:

My husband & I we're outside drinking coffee when I saw something white on the horizon. There were 2 of them & I just stood there trying to figure out what they were. They had movement that reminded me of a blimp but faster. The 2nd object was quite a ways behind but caught up quick. I had my camera in my hand & so decided to take a picture. I almost didn't get the chance before they were gone.We felt that it was definitely something not explainable!!


Incredible UFO caught over Missouri on July 2017

On July 29, 2017, multiples inhabitants of the State of Missouri have seen a weird 4D glowing structure in the sky. This UFO is appeared above a house just after a flash of three lights …

Eyewitness statement:

We live out in the country in the ozark/rogersville area. During the day, a friend and I lit a fire. After lighting the fire, my friend noticed a plane-like structure off in the distance emitting red lights. The sky was clear with hardly a cloud, but I couldn't see what she was seeing, even after moving behind her into her field of vision. We laugh about it and move along. This was approximately 5-6pm central time.

Around 9:00 pm central time, we gathered our things to leave. After locking the house and loading the dog into the car, my friend and I sit down in the front seats of the car, ready to start the ignition. I then see a flash of three, bright white lights in my peripheral vision. They were stacked like a triangle, with two lights on the bottom and one on top. I immediately got out of the car to get closer to the object that appeared after the flash of lights. (My friend, on the other hand, told me she was so scared for her life that she didn't move from her passenger seat in the vehicle).

The object that appeared above the house was about 500 feet from us, and about 50-60 feet up in the air. It was unlike anything I've ever seen. It appeared hollow, but not like any hollow 3D structure in that I couldn't detect a definite inside edge. There were bright white lights on the structure that appeared to glow from the inside out. Initially, I believed it to be helicopter-sized.

I started yelling to my friend, "What is that?!" That is when this object stopped hovering above the house and changed directions, coming right toward us in our car. It appeared to be getting smaller the closer it got to us, but never smaller than about 15x15ft. About 50 feet before our car, this object descends down towards us in a U-shape, then corrects itself and gains elevation. At its lowest point in the descent, I thought it might hit our car and I was afraid for my life -it was no more than 30 feet directly above the top of our car.

It then regained its initial elevation of maybe 50 feet, and disappeared into the tree line at the edge of the property. We immediately turned on the car, pulled out onto the main road and attempted to see it again, but it had disappeared.

The most interesting part of this was not only the almost indescribable shape, but that it seemed to know we were leaving the property. It's very obvious (and terrifying) lurch towards our car was either on purpose (maybe to scare us?) or the result of whatever was operating it losing control of the structure. Either way, this appeared and disappeared out of nowhere with a clear intent that we should see it.

Additionally, this object was completely silent and appeared incredibly aerodynamic. it wasn't inherently malevolent, but also didn't appear to be particularly friendly or welcoming. I honestly love reading about UFOs, but now that I have actually seen one...I wish I hadn't. This was a very scary experience.


Possible flying saucer caught over Newcastle, WY

On May 19, 2016, a UFO flying at high altitude was caught over Newcastle, Wyoming. Witness didn't notice until he looks at the pictures. What is it?

Witness report:

While out filming wildlife, I stopped and took two photos of a hawk. the two photos are only a few seconds apart, the object is only in one photo. i did not see the object until i looked at the pictures i had taken, which unfortunately was over a year the second photo, where the hawk is looking to the side, about beak level and to the right you will see the object.


A Bigfoot seen on August 1997 in Pennsylvania

During summer 1997, two people were hiking in Nisbet, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Suddenly, they saw something looking like the famous Bigfoot

Eyewitness statement:

A companion and I were out hiking through an old area of creek commonly referred to as the "beaver dam". We were just coming around a bend in the creek when we saw something move behind a fallen pine tree.

We then proceeded to try to get a better view as to what we thought was a deer or bear. As we approached the thing that we thought was a deer it became very clear to us it wasn't.

It seemed to be kneeling down near the base of the fallen tree.

It must have heard our approach because it stood up and turned towards the thick brush up the mountain 20 yards ahead of us and ran in an amount of only 10 or so steps into the brush.

The only time we got a good look at the creature was when it turned around to run. It had a sort of manlike head but with a full brown haired body like a gorilla.

The air had a foul rotten-like musty smell to it.

It must have been at least 7 feet tall with long arms.

We were about 30 yards away from the fallen tree.

It ran into the thick mountain laurel.

Photo: Susquehanna Township Park in Nisbet, bUser:Dincher - Photographed it myself, CC BY-SA 3.0Link


Triangular-shaped UFO over Temple Square, Utah

On July 29, 2017, a man has captured a picture of a triangular-shaped UFO flying over Temple Square, a complex owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eyewitness statement:

Yesterday after I got off of work, I walked over to Temple Square to try and recreate an image I captured last year. It was around 3:30pm. I snapped a good 50 images and then went home. This morning I decided to look at which ones actually worked and after selecting a couple of favorites, I started to edit a little in LR. Since there was some dust on the lens and because I had closed the aperture to about f/22 there were a few dark dots on the image so I zoomed in to remove them. Upon doing so I noticed an anomalous object in the background. Since the object wasn't in any of the other images, including the one I took less than 1 second before and the following one I took around 3 seconds later, I can officially call this an Unidentified Flying Object. This image was captured at 3:33:32pm. It could be a drone, but it doesn't really look like one to me.
What do you think?


Black flying saucer over Shoshoni, Wyoming

On July 1st, 2017, a black unidentified flying object has been photographed over Shoshoni, Wyoming. Is it a bird or an alien spacecraft?

Witness report:

I was on my way home from Las Vegas when I had to use the restroom at Boysen Reservoir outside Shoshone Wyoming. After returning to my vehicle I realized that I had locked my keys in the truck. I called my wife to bring me the extra set of keys. I was less than 90 miles from my house. It would take her around 90 minutes to get to me. I snapped a couple of photos of the lake and sent them to my son. It was around 3pm. My wife arrived and was home around 7pm. I downloaded the pictures from my phone into the computer about 15 days later. When I looked at then on the screen something caught my attention on the right side of the picture a little over halfway up. I enlarged it and was not sure what I was looking at. I asked my wife to come look at it at normal size. She said "I see a lake and a UFO".I enlarged it and we both studied it and can not explain what we were looking at.I am retired USAF and after 20 years of service I can't remember seeing anything that looked like it. At the time I took the picture I did not see or hear anything. I would greatly appreciate any information that you could give regarding what this is. I am at home almost everyday. Thank you in advance!!


Very strange shape caught over Garden Grove, CA

On July 27, 2017, a witness saw a oddly UFO flying in the blue sky over Garden Grove, California, USA.

Eyewitness statement:

Driving east stopping at a stop sign and caught a glimmer of something approximately 500 ft out of my driver side window. There is an airport in the area but this wasn't a plane. At first thought it could be balloons but after stopping someone, they were as stunned as I was. I took several photo's all the way back to my house. It changed shape and hovered in one spot. Not a helicopter either.


Bigfoot seen near the road SR221 in 1983

On September or october 1983, a witness was playing in the woods near the city of Jefferson, Greene County, Pennsylvania. Suddenly, he has seen a possible Bigfoot.

Witness report:

I was playing in the woods outside of the town of Jefferson when a group of us heard some strange noises in the woods.

When we investigated to see if it was the other members of our group, we saw a large hairy creature moving away from us rapidly.

We first thought it was a bear, but it was not shaped like a bear and could run upright.

We all ran home at that moment and never saw nor heard anything like it again.

Photo: Site of the former Monongahela College on Pennsylvania Route 188, bNyttend Own work, Public Domain, Link


A physicist saw green UFO over Montreal

On July 22, 2017, a physicist told he saw a green illuminated v-shaped UFO during 45 seconds over Montreal, Canada.

Eyewitness statement:

Hello. I would like to report an unusual sight in the skies above Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on the night of 22 July 2017.

At approximately 10:15pm, three of us were on the 9th floor common roof-deck of a high-rise condo complex. We were there to observe fireworks in the downtown area; these fireworks were, as it happened, low on the horizon and occluded by other buildings. The sky was generally clear, with a few long & wide “contrail-like” clouds present.

After a few minutes of watching the skyline, etc., we looked directly overhead and saw the following phenomena. We saw a grouping of small white cloudlets within an elliptical patch of sky, whose long dimension was approximately equivalent to 5” held at arm’s length. Within that grouping was an illuminated “v” shape, about ½” at arm’s length in extent, with the arms of the “v” consisting of a number of bright “pinpoint” emerald green lights, each surrounded by small halos. The shape and distribution of lights (which appeared quite definitely organized or “non-random” to us) remained stationary, as far as we could tell.

A we watched the “v” shape, we saw it gradually fade away. Then, to one side of its location, but also within the elliptical patch of white cloudlets, we noticed a faint white line, extremely linear and precise, and stationary in the sky, with an extent of about 1” at arm’s length. This white line, and the surrounding patch of cloudlets, then faded entirely from view; that is to say, it did not disperse or drift away.

The duration of this sighting was approximately 45 seconds.

At various times before and after the sighting, we noticed low light-aircraft above Montreal; in addition, a rotating searchlight/beacon was operating from one of the downtown highrises. Regardless, the phenomenon we observed bore no relationship to these other light sources, nor to the distant fireworks. And incidentally, we noticed that smoke from the low fireworks simply drifted with the wind, and did not fade out.

Lastly, one of us (me) waited for clouds to drift into the area directly overhead, where we’d seen the phenomena, to see if some local ground-based illumination might have been the culprit; but I saw nothing of the sort.

For whatever it’s worth, I myself am a PhD physicist (particle physics), 58 years of age.

Photo: La Biosphère sur l'île Sainte-Hélène, ancien pavillon des États-Unis lors de l'Expo 67, par Cédric THÉVENET, CC BY-SA 3.0Lien


Silver UFO caught over Montgomery, WV

On July 19, 2017, a silver cigar-shaped UFO has been caught over Montgomery, West Virginia, USA. What is it?

Witness report:

Doing maintenance on my vehicle and was taking a break and just happened to look up and noticed an object that looked odd that was flying very high that should have had wings or contrails at that altitude immediately thought to myself that I have just seen a UFO I was pretty excited to say the least.


A resident of Hauptstuhl abducted by aliens!

On June 4, 2017, a witness living in Hauptstuhl, in Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany, has told his incredible story. According to him, he was abducted by aliens

Witness statement:

I suffered a headache at around 11:00 pm so I decided to go to bed. I entered my bed room and my head began to feel heavy and eyes began to hurt with a intense pain. I got into bed and almost instantly I fell asleep. What seemed like seconds later I heard the TV and the Play Station 4 turn on down stairs. Upon hearing this I thought maybe my wife was home from work. I realized that couldn’t be possible because she didn’t get off until later that day. Fully aware of what was going on (but obviously still tired) I tried to get out of bed but found myself unable to move at the slightest. Sleep paralysis had been common for me throughout life so at first I wasn’t too worried but this was different. I began to panic and try to force myself out of this paralysis but every time I used energy I heard a voice inside of my head tell me to stop moving and sleep. I knew the voice wasn’t my own because at the same time I was talking to myself in my head (almost yelling) saying “wake up now!” This battle with the other voice, that almost seemed to control me went on for about 15 minutes until I finally had enough. I said a quick prayer and promptly rolled over onto my back trying to catch my breath when suddenly I saw it! Please be aware: the incident below happened in a matter of seconds so I am trying to describe as best as possible. Directly in front of me on my window sill was a small figure. If I had to estimate it was maybe 3 feet tall. I did not see any eyes because the room was pitch black, but the silhouette of the figure was clearly visible because of the light that shown through the blinds. I believe it had its back towards me, one hand was raised and there was a bright blue almost white light that was casting through the window onto it. A quick flash was emitted and the being was gone, almost instantly that the being had left that my headache, eye pain, and fatigue also left. This experience has truly, truly changed my life. I have had other incidents in my life that now that I look back on after doing more research I believe we’re other visitations and or abductions. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and if anyone could offer me help or insight, I’d be very grateful.

Photo: Bahnhof Hauptstuhl, von Reise Reise Eigenes WerkCC BY-SA 3.0Link


Metallic UFO caught over Bagley, Iowa

On July 23, 2017, a witness took a picture of a grey or metallic UFO over Bagley, a city in Guthrie County, Iowa.

Witness report:

Taking pictures of low-flying cropduster's flying over peoples homes. Noticed the object two days later in the photo.


UFO caught over Caledon East, Ontario

On July 9, 2017, a black UFO with a weird shape has been videotaped over Caledon East, Ontario, Canada.

Witness statement:

My wife and I were sitting on our deck late in the afternoon and both witnessed an object coming from North to South almost directly over our home.

At first glance we did not make much of this until the shape became apparent and I grabbed my phone to record so we could zoom in and play back to see what it was.

After showing some friends and neighbors, they thought object was definitely odd. Wifi dropped in the house. We did not notice the electrical drop as we were outside.