Glowing blue orb appeared over Arlington, Texas

On June 26, 2017, a witness was watching an airplane over Arlington, Texas, when a glowing blue orb is appeared…

Witness report:

I was working in Arlington thx and took a photo of an airplane and this object appeared. I had zero feelings and just thought it was cool. I thought it was a UFO or a spirit. I really got excited with the live action on the iPhone that shows it moving.


Very clear cigar-shaped UFO photographed

On June 25, 2017, an automobilist was driving on a road in Puyallup, Pierce County (State of Washington). After seeing incredible clouds in the sky, he has caught a photo of a cigar-shaped UFO...
Witness description:

Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017. Time: approx. 6:00pm. I was alone in my car, exiting the parking lot of Bed Bath & Beyond (4102 S Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98373) and noticed lots of interesting cloud formations. It almost looked like a bunch of angels fighting or like a “battle between good and evil” was happening in the sky.

I turned left onto 43rd, Ave SW and started heading east toward Meridian Street, a busy main road that runs North/South down the center of Puyallup. I called my friend, who also lives in Puyallup, to tell him about the amazing cloud formations I was seeing. He looked out the east-facing window of his home, a couple of miles away from my location, and agreed that there were some interesting looking clouds in the sky. He asked me to take some pictures, so I quickly took a few images with my camera phone, an ASIS Laser 3.

Later, when I was looking at the pictures on my camera, I also noticed what appeared to be multiple “faces” in the cloud formations. Two days later (June 27), I was showing these faces in the clouds to the same friend I had called earlier and he immediately noticed an object in the sky near the clouds. He said, “What is that?…That’s a UFO!” I was stunned because I hadn’t noticed the object in the picture before this time.

We looked at the other two pictures I had taken and noticed the same object but in different positions in the sky. The object had obviously been moving because it’s the only thing changing locations in the picture. Everything else is stable, or in the same location: streetlights, the sign, trees, and reflections from the dashboard of the car onto the glass.
I still don’t know what to think of the object.

I’m not a “UFO person.” My friend, though, is convinced that it cannot be a reflection in the glass, an airplane, a balloon, or any other familiar/manmade object, and so urged me to report it.


Sparkling flying UFO over El Paso on June 2017

On June 4, 2017, a father and his son were driving home from Mexico when they have seen a white flying saucer in El Paso, Texas.

Eyewitness report:

On the drive back home from Mexico, my father and I noticed the UFO in the sky.

My father took multiple pictures because he has the new iPhone with a good camera. The object hovered in the same spot for a good time; approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Also we did not notice any other objects but in one of the pictures you can see 2 more objects that looked like transparent discs that at first glance look like clouds but are too perfect in size and shape and are obviously trying to cloak themselves to no avail as we did not see the other 2 to the naked eye.

But the other UFO was solid and visible.

I study Ufology daily and I know this was an otherworldly craft. My father and I were ecstatic as we both have wanted to have a personal UFO sighting all of our lives.

Finally we drove out of sight of the object as we had to be home to care for our pets.


Flying saucer caught over Queenstown, NZ?

On December 26, 2015, a solid dark UFO has been photographed over Queenstown, New-Zealand. Witness has not viewed this object to the naked eye…

Witness statement:

We were spending the day boating in Queenstown on Boxing Day. There were about ten of us there - family and friends. We had just dropped someone we knew at the airport so I took a succession of photos of their Qantas plane taking off to send to them to show them what a beautiful view it was from below. When I looked back over the photos a few seconds later one of them had the image of something in the photo. The photos on either side of the image had nothing in the shot. Whatever it was, it is moving faster than the plane as it was blurred. No-one had seen anything flying around the area - we had all been watching the plane take off and waving our friend off.
We were all quite surprised, a bit skeptical but all very confused as to what else the image could be, other than of a UFO as there was nothing visible flying in the sky around the plane that had taken off. I'd love for someone to try and enhance the image to try and get a clearer picture of what we saw. Maybe it was an insect or a bird, but my feeling was that we saw was something moving so fast it wasn't viewable with the naked eye.


Two bright orbs over Stoney Creek, Ontario

On June 25, 2017, two glowing orbs has been photographed over Lake Ontario, in Stoney Creek, Canada. What is it?

Eyewitness report:

Looking over Lake Ontario from Stoney Creek. Took several pics looking different places in the sky. This one pic has 2 orbs close together. One pinkish one greenish.


Black flying saucer over Kodaikanal, India

On June 6, 2017, a witness has caught a photo of a black flying saucer over Kodaikanal, state of Tamil Nadu, India.

Witness statement:

A blimp like object in the west sky that appeared in the picture taken in a moving Vehicle. Looks like a saucer. This is the narrow road on the way to Hotel United 21 in Kodaikanal.


Cigar-shaped UFO caught by an automobilist in California

On June 24, 2017, an automobilist was driving on a road somewhere in California. Outside in the sky, he noticed a grey/metallic cigar-shaped UFO. A few minutes later, this object has suddenly disapeared.

Witness statement:

Hovered for 3-4 minutes then disappeared leaving a "C" shaped cloud - indicative of immediate sound barrier breaking.


Ancient cave painting of a UFO with alien astronauts

An amateur archaeologist explains he has discovered new evidence of ancient aliens and UFOs in India. On a video published on YouTube, he shows us ancient cave painting where we can see some strange circular objects and aliens…

He explains:

Hey guys, I have just discovered some brand new evidence of ancient aliens and UFOs, in India. You are going to look at cave paintings of a spacecraft and ancient astronauts for the very first time, this information has never been published anywhere before. These cave paintings are in a remote village called Onake Kindi in the southern India. Remember, cave paintings of extraterrestrials were discovered three years ago in India, but the cave paintings I am showing you now is in a totally new location, which is 800 miles away. These paintings not only show ancient astronauts, but also show the actual spacecraft, the flying saucer in which they landed.

But is this really a flying a saucer, a spacecraft? Let us take a good look at what this painting shows: A large spherical object with 2 human like figures standing inside. They seem to be holding something like a ladder, as though to get down from the top. The legs of these figures are painted like waves, instead of straight lines. On top, there is a small chamber which seems to have some devices. It is a shame we can’t see the rest of the details, because the painting has faded away. Now, before we go any further, let’s take a step back and look at it objectively, like an archeologist.
Is it possible that there is a simpler explanation? What if these are just human beings standing inside a large wheel? What if these two guys are just regular people, inside a spherically designed house, and are using a ladder? But such a scenario, is impossible. Why? Because all experts agree that these are prehistoric cave paintings, which means these paintings were made by cave men, who did not how to create a wheel or to build even a mud hut. This is exactly why, these cave men were living in these caves. Experts confirm that these paintings were created thousands of years before human beings learnt how to build homes, temples and wheels. These primitive men did not even have metal tools and were hunting animals with stone tools.

This is why, cave paintings all over the world show very primitive depictions. You will see human beings, their families and animals. In this same location, we can see similar cave paintings. Here are the human beings, their families and the animals they were hunting. All experts agree that cave paintings tend to be the most original depictions of real life, because the cave men had no imagination, they painted only what they saw.

So, what could this possibly be?


High speed flying saucer caught over Athens, NY

On June 20, 2017, a high speed UFO has been shot over Athens, New York. Witness explains that this object was not to naked eye and he noticed it when he has uploaded photo.

Witness report:

Two photos color show the area facing NNE(Vermont NE,Mass due E)one can see the cloud in the distance to be used as a refrence for space, distance. Black and white was take after changing setting from natural color to black and white took 3 in a row. Did not see the object until uploaded the photos to PC.


UFO ejects others UFOs over Cumberland City

On June 21, 2017, a mother and his son were camping in Cumberland City (Tennessee) when they have seen something of very strange: in the sky, UFO was ejecting other UFOs.

Mother said:

My son and I were camping on Elk Creek in Cumberland City, Tn and we both witnessed a UFO hoovering above the tree line. It sat there for about 10 seconds and other UFOs were ejecting out of the main object every 4 to 5 seconds. This happened 4 times when it first appeared. Then the object that was ejecting the others, vanished. Ten minutes later, it happened again. Except this object ejected 3 other objects and then it vanished. Then it took place one last time about 5 minutes later and ejected 4 more objects and then it vanished as well. The objects that were objected, were NOT floating down, they were moving down like they were going somewhere. Then there was a second sighting. I was watching a passenger jet move across the sky, it had the blinking lights and was moving south. Then i looked to the left of the jet and observed what i thought was another jet, but this object did NOT have any blinking lights. It was very bright, looked as if it was a lot lower than the passenger jet. And then, it just vanished as well. This second sighting took place about 30 minutes after the first sighting. No more sightings happened after that. And we were up until 3 a. m.

Photo: Cumberland Power Plant at Cumberland City, bRiffsyphon1024 (Steven Greenwood)


UFO with two wings filmed over Montrose, Colorado

On June 21, 2017, a wife and his husband have spotted and filmed a strange UFO over their home in Montrose, Colorado. This cylinder-shaped object had two bright wings…

Witness statement:

We were on our front deck watching the sunset and sky when my husband saw bright lights coming from the west I ran into the house to get my phone and my husband ran into the house to get his canon camera we took pictures of the 1st one, I took video with my phone while he took still pictures a second one came from the same direction we have pictures and video, best description as a phoenix or angelic form. Body long silver jet type or cylinder, with a possible nose pointing downward. Wings that were curved upward 80 degrees towards atmosphere that were fiery orange very bright and a triangular transparent veil that looked translucent seemingly hanging off left wing with bright orbs, we are not sure if it circled our city twice or there were 2 one following the other. It was cloudy and they both went northeast from the west into the clouds but not together they were separate in timing, possibly they were separate entities or one that was circling city could not see them circle because of the overcast in the northeast. We couldnt visually see the shape until we downloaded photos on the computer. We were excited and nervous and we never have seen a machine that could even look like anything of this world this is not the 1st time we have seen UFO's out here, though this one was different then the last 2 we saw that were together hovering over Burger King about 4 years ago.


Bright donut-shaped over Edgewater, NJ

On June 18, 2017, an inhabitant of Edgewater (New Jersey) has seen a glowing white UFO from his home. What is it?

Witness report:

1. I was home at the time and went out to the balcony to get some fresh air
2. It would move side to side or front and back. Also, the sky was clear clean.
3. At first I thought it was an airplane or helicopter but seconds later that possibility went out the window. Then I thought it could possibly be a drone or a star but it's weird pattern of movement made it clear it wasn't.
4. First, the object was hovering for a few minutes and it looked like a flying saucer/disc.
Second, while hovering it started moving in a circular motion which made it look like a portal or white hole.
Last but not least, in its minor movement it would go west and north or descent and ascent .
5. While watching the object I got goosebumps. Also, randomly my 3 cats came to me at the same time the birds started singing and flying.
6. I went inside for some orange juice and when I went outside it was already gone and left no trail.


Weird and giant hologram is appeared in Maryland

On June 20, 2017, a mysterious mega structure has been caught over Larural, Maryland. This 'UFO' seems to be a hologram maybe made by NASA for the Project Blue Beam.

Witness statement:

My friend was in there car driving saw a mega structure in the clouds. Stop the car rolled down the window to get a better look and took the picture i have added as a attachment.


Glowing UFO caught over Bryan in 1961

On February 14, 1961, a bright and unusual UFO has been shot over Bryan, Texas, USA. The witness, a woman, did not notice this object in the sky.

Witness report:

My Mother was in our front yard at the time. She was looking at her Valentine box of candy. Apparently she did not notice the object hovering over her head. Neither did the person who took this picture. There were actually two pictures. I am unable to find the second one. In it, the objects were in a different position. I will look again for it. I realize this is from a long time ago but the picture recently resurfaced and I found it interesting. The pictures were in my Mother's possession until she passed away. She had stated that she did not know the objects were over her head at the time.


Green flying saucer caught over Indianapolis, IN

On June 20, 2017, two people saw 5 silver round UFOs over Indianapolis. One of the witnesses has caught a photo. Later, he noticed a weird green flying saucer on the picture…

Witness statement:

My daughter-in-law and I went for a late dinner at a deli at around 7:30 PM and ate on the patio outside. The day had been beautiful and cloudless but a cloud front moved in and the leading edge of the cloud front was gorgeous and illuminated from the sun. So it really had my full attention. I was facing to the South and my daughter-in-law (S) was facing to the North. The clouds were coming in from the West. I noticed an extremely bright round silvery shining object floating upward above a few stray clouds to the North. It moved pretty slowly upward and ascended so far up that I lost sight of it. Then, I saw a second one of the same variety only it was ahead of the stray clouds and it moved westward and then upward behind the clouds. By this time I knew what I was looking at - no way was this a plane. After a few minutes the one in the clouds reappeared and I asked (S) to look at it. We both watched it quickly change directions from moving upward to moving east and then a second one appeared at the same time floating upwards. Aside from the quick changes in direction, they were moving smoothly and fairly slowly till we lost sight of them. The a commercial plane flew by in nearly the same area. It was pretty high up but I imagine that the pilots would have been able to see them as well. (S) began considering a logical explanation - maybe drones which I entertained as a possibility. And then I saw a 5th one of the same moving much lower and then it quickly changed direction and disappeared as it ascended out of sight. I have no doubt that these were NOT drones.

The incoming cloud front changed shape at the edges and took on the form of an alligator so I snapped a few photos. It wasn't till I uploaded the photos to my Mac Book that I saw the large neon green disc hovering above a nearby building. I took the second photo right after the 1st and the disc had moved a a good distance away in such a short period of time.


Metallic diamond-shaped UFO shot in Tulsa, OK

On June 2016, an mother was with her daughter. Together, they are driving on a road in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The young girl has taken a picture of a pyramid-shaped UFO flying in the sky with his iPad.

Witness report:

We were driving home going west on I-44 about 1/2 from going under 75 highway. My daughter took a picture on her I-pad of a pyramid shaped "what we thought was a cloud. When we got home to look at it we did not see a cloud but a metallic UFO that was the highth of clouds. The object also had dotted white spots behind it as far as the picture can be seen through my windshield.
The object is above the tiny windshield crack above the rearview mirror.


Reddish orb spotted over Vergennes, Vermont

On June 28, 2014, several people were near the Maritime Museum in Vergennes, Vermont. Outside, they have seen a large and glowing reddish-orange spherical-shaped UFO in the night sky.

Witness statement:

A group of us was sitting outside camping at the Maritime Museum in Vergennes,Vermont. One of our group said, “I wonder what that is?”

We looked up and saw a larges reddish-orange orb/sphere moving toward us (east to west). It was glowing like it was lit from inside. The colors appeared to be moving, with even a hint of blue visible – much like a fire.
It was perfectly round and the edges appeared crisp - no blurring. When I saw it, I knew immediately that I was viewing a UFO - there just was no doubt in my mind.

It did not make any sound whatsoever. It was maybe about 800 feet up and from where we stood it looked about the size of a dinner plate if I was holding it in my hand - pretty large - that's the best I can describe the size.

It continued to move toward us. It definitely was not a plane, helicopter, weather balloon, hot air balloon, flare, Chinese lantern, or anything else of the sort. It stopped almost over us (probably about 200 feet from the shore of the lake).

It stayed there hovering for a short while - I'm not sure how long - and then suddenly shot straight up, very fast. It kept going up in a straight line until it looked like one of the many stars (it was a clear night). We kept watching and then it appeared to become smaller than one of the stars until we could no longer see it.

There was never a sound. There was no sensation on the ground when it shot straight up. There was no change in the sphere whatsoever except for the fact that the reds and oranges moved sort of like a bubble's colors do; however it stayed perfectly round.

I was in awe of seeing this sphere and felt sort of disappointed when it went away. I was never afraid.


Sparkling UFO seen over Dainelsville, Georgia

On June 5, 2017, many residents of Dainelsville, Georgia, noticed a bright cigar-shaped UFO above the tree line. Objet was hovering along silently. Witness believes that it was a true UFO.

Witness report:

This photo was taken in Dainelsville GA approx 2 weeks ago. It was seen by my former wife, my grandson and several neighbors hovering along silently before dissapearing into the horizon.


Weird orb caught over Metamora, Missouri

On June 17, 2017, a mysterious orb has been shot over State Park Beach, in Metamora, Missouri. The witness explains he was taking pictures of the sky and he has seen nothing.

Witness statement:

I was at a Michigan State Park beach Taking Pictures. I saw an orb in the sky with lights on it in 2 images (I cropped one so you could see what I am talking about.) If you look real close 1 image has 6 light spots, and 1 image has only 4. I just wonder what it is just below the cloud cover it's way up in the sky. Looks like a small spot. What do you think it is?


Flying saucer caught over Humacao, Peru

On June 17, 2017, a flying saucer has been photographed behind an airplane somewhere over Humacao, Peru.

Witness report:

I was heading to a hill very close to my house and took sequence of pictures of an airplane preparing to land. When reviewing the photos, I saw a Flying Saucer very close to the airplane when reviewing my photos. I thought how frequent these events is happening all time 24/7 around here and felt that to the human eye it is difficult to get them, but through the camera it's a piece of cake.


Grey UFO caught over Big Park, Arizona, on June 2017

An inhabitant of Sedona (Arizona) has discovered he shot a UFO with two wings by looking through his pictures taken on June 16, 2017…

Witness statement:

I was taking continuous photos of Courthouse monument in Big Park, Sedona AZ at dusk. The red was so beautiful I just kept taking pictures. Upon looking through my photos, this image appeared. The color of the sky is different around the image. Nothing on photos before or after. Very confusing.


They're looking for a nanny to work in their haunted house

On June 2017, a Scottish family has published a little announcement. They are looking for a nanny. The problem is the house is haunted by multiple ghosts

Ad published on '':

About Me
We are friendly family of four with 2 children ages 5 and 7 living in a small village in the Scottish Borders.

We have a lovely, spacious, historic property in a remote spot with spectacular views.

My Requirements
We are looking for an exceptional live-in nanny to join our friendly family of four in the Scottish Borders.

We have 2 children ages 5 and 7, and live in a lovely, spacious, historic property with spectacular views.

Duties would include preparing breakfast, getting the children ready for school, dropping off and picking up from school and assisting after school, including helping with homework and getting them ready for bed.

My husband and I are both very busy professionals who are often required to work away and there are occasions, up to 4 nights per week, (weekdays only) when we will both be away and you will be at the property alone in sole charge.

You will be provided with your own comfortable room with en-suite bathroom and private kitchen.

We are offering a salary of £50,000 gross per annum and 28 days holiday (plus bank holidays) for the right person.

We have lived in our home for nearly 10 years. We were told it was 'haunted' when we bought it, but kept our minds open and decided to buy the house regardless. 5 nannies have left the role in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reason, including strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving. This has obviously been a period of great upheaval for our children. We haven't personally experienced any supernatural happenings, as they have been reported only while we've been out of the house, but we're happy to pay above the asking rate, and feel it's important to be as up-front as possible to find the right person.

We are keen to find the perfect long-term nanny, so if you'd like to be considered for this rewarding and exciting position, please do get in touch with us.


UFO flying around the Moon over Tacloban

On November 13, 2016, a witness has seen and photographed a weird orange UFO flying around the Moon over the city of Tacloban, Philippines.

Eyewitness report:

The satellite like object appears to revolve around the moon, in seconds.


Metallic UFO over Palomar Observatory

On May 26, 2017, a girl and her boyfriend were camping at Palomar Mountain, California, USA. After visiting the observatory, she has caught a photo of a strange UFO

Witness statement:

My boyfriend and I were hiking/camping at the Palomar Observatory campground and park. We visited the observatory and took some photos of it outside on May 26, 2017. After taken the photos upon looking closer it was told to me there was an unknown object in the photo. I then sent the photo to my mother and she told me to send this to you for investiation.

Kaley Morlock


Very impressive flying saucer shot over Bath, UK

On June 14, 2017, an inhabitant of Bath, England, has spotted a very clear flying saucer in front of his home. He has caught a photo before it disappears.

Eyewitness report:

I was getting ready for bed and turning all the lights off around the flat when I looked out of my back window to discover this object hovering in the sky above the city. I quickly grabbed my phone and got a pretty decent shot before rushing to my partner and tell them what I witnessed. When we returned to look out the window, the object was gone.


Strange black UFO caught over Panyu, China

On June 8, 2017, a weird UFO is appeared in the blue sky over the district of Panyu, Guangzhou, China. A witness has videotaped this strange shape. What is it? A military project or UFO?

Witness statement:

Hi, I clicked these images while staring at sky from my iphone 7 Plus. I clicked them on way from Panyu to Dongguan, Guangdong province, China. The object vanished quickly when I was changing phone setting to video mode. Earlier there were aeroplanes flying in same direction. So, I am very confident that this is not a aeroplane nor a drone. Advise me what is this as I am curious to know if its some UFO or something else. Thanks.


Amazing alien craft caught over England

On May 31, 2017, a witness was watching the sky when he noticed a weird UFO appeared out of nowhere over Newton Abbot (Devon, England). He caught some photos of it. He has sent his testimony on WorldUFOPhotosAndNews.

Eyewitness report:

Hi Ken: I was sky watching and taking random photographs of passing passenger planes. I then decided to take some photographs of a passenger plane with a contrail that was way off in the distance. Then Just as I did a strange object appeared out of nowhere and flew in a straight line across the sky while I was looking through my camera’s viewfinder and was in the process of taking photographs. When I checked the photographs I had just taken I saw that I had indeed managed to capture the object in three of the photographs. The object was a grey colour and seemed to be reflective. The sun light had been reflecting off the top portion of the object as it had moved across the sky. The object also appeared to be changing shape and became more pointed towards what I Presumed was the back end of the strange object. The object then ended up resembling the shape of a horn it was very peculiar. The photographs were taken on the 31st of May 2017, 8:56:36 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.


UFO with multiple lights caught over Port Macquarie

On June 4th, 2017, a fleet of unidentified lights has been videotaped over Port Macquarie, Australia.

Witness states:

Camping at Point Plomer. Looked out the roof of the tent (Sky roof) at 4am and saw a bright star like object which was moving occasionally within its area. Then, smaller star like objects started to come out of the bright object and fly away quickly in different directions. Also saw at least 5 'shooting stars' in this time one which moved in an arc. I sat up after watching this for 30 minutes and saw a large bright object about 400 meters from our tent. It was hovering about 50 meters above the sand NE and started to come closer. It then changed from one bright light to 6 smaller lights (like it had changed from high beams to park lights!) before moving away. Over two hours it moved away slowly and I have video footage of the image spinning and when I zoom in you can see the lights. It stayed there until sunrise and was there until the sun was so bright we could no longer see it. Up in the night sky I saw 20+ of these objects, some which flashed red and some which would disappear and re-appear, some which zoomed off at incredible speed. Since then, we've seen the bright hovering light up the east coast the past week.

I noticed it first by the Bright light moving, then other lights emerging from it. Then lights flashing red and large bright light spinning

Could not be explained. Too large and fast for a drone (plus it was silent)

I did not have a feeling of being threatened, more that it was just there to observe. It also did not seem bothered by being found as it was so prominent and did not appear to leave.


Huge UFO caught in Monmouth Junction, NJ

On June 11, 2017, an automobilist was driving on a road in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, when he photographed a mysterious UFO without seeing it…

Witness report:

We were traveling in our car near 4196 U.S. 1, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 (40.380696, -74.576132). We took a picture of a car near light as we stopped and liked the spare car cover on back of the car. We noticed the UFO like object when we checked the photo after getting back at home. This picture was taken on 06/11/2017 around 6:55 PM.