Weird purple orb caught in Utah

On May 24, 2015, a witness took a photo of a mysterious purple orb over Salt Lake City, Utah. At the time, he didn't see it. A few days ago, he noticed this UFO.

Witness report:

I was on a peak in immigration canyon in Utah. I was simply panning around with my Samsung Note 4 snapping pictures rapidly of the landscape around me. At the time I saw nothing unusual. Over a year later I decided to organize my albums on my pc and noticed this object as I was scrolling through my photos. At first I thought it could be an anomaly related to the large lens flare also present in the photo but after looking at the sorts of things in a google image search I found none that resembled this thing. I cannot comment on the movement and or animated nature of the object as I did not witness it at the time I took the photograph. The picture is in very high resolution and can be analyzed by professionals.