UFO over Los Angeles Airport, California

On November 26, 2016, a witness took a photo of an unidentified flying object over the Los Angeles International Airport. This incredible testimony has been published on 'UFOCasebook.com'.

Witness statement:

I was alone in the jetway, didn't notice anything until hours later when I went over my pictures... like I mentioned I was really trying to capture the airplane at take off, but I thought about it too late and didn't pull my cell out of my pocket fast enough.

I zoomed in to the 1st picture and noticed the object to the right; Wow!!

I thought maybe another plane did the same thing with picture #2, zoomed in and there it was again, only this time it seemed closer.

Five days later, I was gazing up (right before sunrise) thinking how nice the clouds looked against deep blue sky. After watching as the sky changed color, and noticed a small golden like light, shinning actually and moving ever so slightly diagonally but gaining altitude, then it kind of disappeared into the clouds; came back out to light at same point only higher.

It hovered in an up and down wave motion before it shot up in the sky fast and disappeared. This time my co-worker was with me; I told her to look, but she couldn't see it and I couldn't point to it because it was way too high up, so small only someone who had focused on it would see it, especially with the reflection of the sunlight hitting the window.

I'm sure no one would notice it right away. Anyway she didn't see it. She said she couldn't pinpoint where exactly to focus her eyes.

These are the original 2 pics I took, if you zoom into the center where the airplane is that just took off, you can see the object to the right. Initially I was just trying to capture the airplane on take off, but caught this.

1st pic the object is farther, 2nd pic seems to get closer to the airplane. Is there any way of finding out what it is?

I'm intrigued.