UFO caught near a chemtrails in Battle Creek

On November 13, 2016, a woman was driving on a road in Battle Creek (Michigan, USA) when she has seen some strange chemtrails. She took photos but on it, a black UFO is appeared…

Witness report:

A dear friend of mine had taken some pictures while driving. Earlier that day they had not been spraying chemtrails and thought maybe they would lay off for a day. She took these driving on the south side of the city when she got to stop at a light. When she got home she discovered something strange in the pictures and just had to show me. So not only did I get to see more pictures of chemtrails but something definitely in them. She forwarded the pictures to me 14 November. What ever they are they are effecting the chemtrails and light around them. With Military bases in the area, it could also be related to them in some way? I've shown these to other friends and they said it should be reported. To me it appears like a plasma entity that the chemtrails exposed. The ripples in the chemtrails demonstrates that some frequency device was used to induce them. What ever this entity is it is unusual. It does resemble some orbs, but bigger than any I have ever seen in pictures.