Strange cross-shaped UFO appeared over Littleton

On November 30, 2016, an inhabitant of Littleton (Colorado, USA) was walking down the street. A few moment later, a weird cross-shaped UFO lit up the sky.

Witness statement:

Outside with the dog and observed a very bright light to the southwest. Assumed this light was a plane on approach to DIA as I live along the flight path and always see planes when I'm outside. As it got closer it appeared to slow a little and I marveled at how bright it was and that it appeared to have a cross shape, although the cross wasn't oriented to the direction of travel. I thought the shape was caused by a flare on my glasses but when I took them off to look it still had the same shape.

As the light came overhead I couldn't see any navigation lights or hear any sound. There was a jet on a different path flying in the opposite direction and it's navigation lights were clearly visible and the sound was distinct. Once the light passed over it faded over a couple of seconds, had a brief reddish glow near the tip and then disappeard.

I've observed both the shuttle and ISS in the past and this light was far brighter than what I remember them being. It also appeared to be at a much lower altitude than the jet but it was extremely hard to tell due to how bright it was.

I've spent a lot of time watching the sky and I'm baffled at what this was.

Photo: Littleton Town Hall, built 1920. Jacques Benedict, architect, Public Domain