Solid UFO seen over Hampden in 1968

On June 1st, 1968, an army veteran was traveling on a road in Hampden (Massachusetts, USA). His daughter has suddenly seen a round and solid object in the sky. This UFO was orange color with a yellow center.

Witness statement:

My daughter and I were traveling along stony hill road in Wilbraham Ma about dusk. She was aprox 7 years old at the time. As she looked out of the passenger window she asked me what the big ball was. I looked out of the window and saw what appeared to be a round ball hovering about 50 feet above my car. I stopped my vehicle got out, and watched it for about two minutes after which it vibrated slightly and then flew off at about a 45 degree angle at tremendous speed. My car kept running, the craft did not emit any light or sound. My car engine continued to run during the encounter.

I am a Air Force Vet and was involved with AC&W radar systems while in the military. I was also a B52 tech for Boeing after leaving the military.

This object was something solid, and nothing I ever saw during my years associated with aircraft.

Photo: Hampden Town House, bJohn Phelan Own workCC BY 3.0Link