Maryland: He saw UFO during three nights

For 3 straight nights, a witness has spotted an unidentified light flying in the sky over the city of La Plata, Charles County, Maryland.

Witness statement:

On November 29th, 30th and December 1st I observed a light in the sky while driving in the evening. It looked odd, It was very bright and low enough to be an airplane. I checked the sky with my star chart app on the iPhone and it did not match up with any stars, I watched it for at least 30 min the first two times I saw it. It would get dim, then very bright. At one point it disappeared as if the right source was turned off then it reappeared in the sky in a similar location. I was moving so I was not able to tell if the object was moving or not. It looked to me to be stationary but It stayed with me for at least 30 miles. On the third night that I saw it I got my iPhone out and took a picture of it. In the photo you can see a trail coming out of the object but I did not see this trail with my eyes.