Incredible UFO spotted over San Marcos, Texas

One day of September 1991, in the evening, a person has seen to the naked eye a triangular-shaped craft over San Marcos, Texas. It emitted no lights and no sound. The witness drew a picture.

Witness report:

I had been stargazing late one evening, until the early morning hours. I had my attention set on a particular group of stars in the night sky. When suddenly, the stars I had been looking at seemed to just dissappear, as if a light switch had been turned off, and the starlight just went out. Then, several more stars began doing the same. - just disappearing from view. I suddenly noticed a black mass drifting across the sky but couldn't make out what it was right away. I strained my eyes, and shielded the light from the street lamp across from me, I couldn't make out the shape until it turned towards the south west. It was then, that I could see that it was triangular in shape. No lights, no sound. I was in shock by its massive size, it must have been over 2 football fields in size! My first reaction was to run , but but I was so captivated by what I was seeing, I froze, and just stood there watching in amazement. - It's not everyday I see anything like that. It seemed to float through the air. Kinda like a blimp, but slower. Anything that huge, traveling that slow would just fall out of the sky. I know what I had seen that early morning, and it wasn't man-made, nor from this world. I'll always remember it until my last days on this earth.