Glowing orb spotted over Orange, California

On December 3, 2016, on the evening, two friends saw a very glowing orb flying near downtown Orange (California). This UFO moved very slow to the south west before flickering and disappearing instantly.

Witness statement:

On the evening of December 3, 2016, my best friend and I finished eating dinner at a local restaurant in downtown Orange, California. It was 21:10, which we just looked at our watches because the restaurant closed and asked us to kindly wrap up our meal moments earlier. Upon walking south-bound on Glassell, from the restaurant, I looked up in the sky and noticed that there was a bright orange star-like object that could not have been Mars because of it's brightness. I told my friend about it immediately, which he agreed it was not the normal size and very orange. I tried to locate Venus to confirm it was not that planet, but did take note that the glowing object was below the feet of the Orion constellation. It was vaguely noticeable that the object was moving, so we stood by a palm tree to gauge its movement. We could see that it was slightly moving westward. The orange orb was occasionally changing in intensity. Just before it disappeared completely, the glow had a noticeable flicker, than it vanished. We were able to take a few pictures during the time (different phone models), but the orange color showed up in the pictures as white. We walked around a little bit more to walk-off our dinner that we just ate and talk about the experience.