Flying saucer seen over Newport, Maine

On December 9, 2016, at 4:30 PM, a woman and his son were traveling towards Newport (Maine, USA). Suddenly, they have sighted a disk-shaped UFO with rotating lights during about 10 minutes.

Witness statement:

My mother and I were traveling in a car towards Newport at 4:30 PM, when a moving light caught my notice. My mother was only able to take a short look at the object as she was driving the car at the time. I watched it for ten minutes, searching over possible explanations for the strange object. It lacked the consistent blinking and red and green light color common to planes.

The altitude at which the object maneuvered, I would estimate, was like that of a plane (39,000 feet), possibly lower. The object moved fairly quickly and was lit by white/yellow light which appeared to rotate.

I lost sight of the object when it moved behind a large cloud and apparently disappeared.