Bright rectangular-shaped UFO caught in Kenai, AK

On December 14, 2016, a witness and his daughter have caught some photos where a glowing rectangular-shaped UFO can be seen. These images have been taken during sunset in the area of Kenai, Arkansas.

Witness statement:

My daughter and I were going Christmas shopping we stopped to take pictures of the sunset. We stopped 3 times along a few miles from Nikiski to Kenai Alaska. On 2 different cameras we both took pics of the sunset. Later after coming home we compared pics and I noticed a yellow glowing rectangle in the sky that I thought was a glare from the camera from the sunset but after looking at the previous shot I noticed the same rectangular shape but it looked like a cloud with a slight shadow. I found that word a cloud the shape of a tiny rectangle. I mentioned it to my husband and showed him and then started looking through my daughters pics which were seconds before mine she had captured the same shape but it was more to the north than the pics I took seconds later. Her second picture shows the object has moved I then went back to my 1st pic of the sunset and again saw the weird UFO, after cashiering multiple pics from both cameras we noticed that the shape was the same but moved in every frame abouts the sky within seconds. After posting pics others in the area reported seeing the same thing and also others captured something similar days earlier in the same area of Kenai.