Black UFO caught in Levittown, Pennsylvania

On May 15, 2011, an automobilist was driving somewhere in Levittown (Bucks County, Pennsylvania) and was taking some photos. Later, he noticed a possible black flying saucer

Witness report:

While driving home from a store I pulled over to take some pix of storm clouds that looked cool. I took 3 pictures with my cell phone, got back in my car and drove home and went about my day. Days or weeks later I uploaded the pictures from my cell phone to my computer. As soon as I looked at the second picture I saw a strange little thing in the picture, so I zoomed in on it and it does not look like anything I've ever seen in he sky. I can not see wings, a tail, a front or a back and have no idea what way it was moving. Thinking to when I took the pictures I know I heard nothing but the object looks pretty far. I decided to put the picture in photoshop, tried different filters, flipped it to black and white but nothing made it any clearer until I "solarized" the original and the forth picture is what I got. Now I'm looking at what to me can only be a ufo. I got a magnifying glass, enlarged the picture and it almost looks like a cookie. I also noticed the hole in the cloud directly below this object. I was freaking out! All I could think was I got a picture of a ufo coming or going through a port hole or some cosmic worm hole. I showed the picture to friends and family and get all kinds of coments against and for it being a ufo, but to me it's kind of strange that it's only in 1 out of 3 pictures taken with in seconds of each other. Obviously I've been sitting on the picture for a few years but I finally figured I see what the pro's think about it. The fifth picture is just an enlarged image.