An automobilist saw two aliens in a car in 1970

One day of February 1970, an automobilist was driving on a road in Mojave, California. In a car behind him, he saw two mysterious humanoids looking like the famous 'Men in Black'…

Witness statement:

The year was 1970. I worked for Caltrans as a Right of Way Agent for the State of California. I was taking some legal documents over to Bakersfield to have a County Judge sign. I was traveling on Route 58 west of Mojave towards Bakersfield and East of Tehachopi in my 1957 Chevrolet State car. A State highway maintenance crew was repairing the westbound lanes. Traffic was stopped in these two lanes for up to 15 minutes. I pulled right, off of the highway to a dirt and gravel turnout and backed up to a low level brush and rock area with no dirt roads behind me.

I sat in the car for a few minutes and decided to take a look at the documents I was taking to Bakersfield for the Judge. Before I got the documents out, I noticed something in my rear views mirror and turned to see what it was.

I was amazed to see a vehicle directly behind my car with two individuals wearing gray-white suits. Mine was the only car on the turnout. No car could have possibly gone around the front or the back without me seeing or hearing it. There was no sound at all.

I continued to look directly at the car and individuals directly through the back window. The car was maroon in color with a dark top; the grill looked similar to an older Buick. The license plate was light in color with no discernible markings.

The two individuals in the car as stated wore jump type suits with no buttons. They were slender with no visible hat or hair and their bodies appeared to be smaller than the average sized man. Their eyes were very dark and semi oval; little larger than a normal human. They stared at me and never blinked. They both had two small holes for their nose, very small mouths, no lips and I couldn't see any ears. Nor could I see their arms due to their car hood hiding over half of their bodies.

After a few minutes of staring at each other, I noticed light traffic starting to slowly move on the highway again to the West. So I drove from my parking area out to the paved highway going towards Bakersfield again.

The highways west bound lanes were now open for the public. I was driving about normal speed in the right hand lane, just west of where the
State construction was. Looking to my left I saw a maroon car driving at my speed, parallel to me with the same individuals I had seen at the turnout. The driver looked continuously to the front. I immediately noticed that he had no nose and he was bald. The passenger in the car was again staring directly at me. We drove parallel to each other for about 15 seconds.

I didn't know what to do, so I waved my hand at them as if to say goodbye. They immediately sped down the highway and disappeared around a moderate curve to the right. I sped up to try and see the maroon car again but it had disappeared. There were rather steep rock cliffs on the right side and no place to turn off the highway.

The next day driving from Bakersfield to Bishop, I stopped at the same turnout of my first encounter and went to the same spot. I saw my tire tracks from the previous day but saw no other tracks behind mine. Wow!!

As you might deduce I've never breathed a word of these happenings for decades to anyone for fear of being ridiculed. I've mulled over this experience many times over the years.

This is my true story of a very strange, mysterious and profound event.