An alien caught inside a cloud in New Mexico

On October 10, 2015, a witness has caught a photo of a possible alien standing on UFO inside a cloud somewhere in New Mexico, USA.

Witness statement:

Was hiking a trail in cloud croft,new Mexico taking pictures of mountains and surroundings. I looked up above me and took a photo of a nice looking cloud. I hiked some more and stopped to look at the picture of the cloud I had taken. When observing closely at it, I noticed something inside the cloud. I zoomed in on the cloud as close as possible and saw what seemed to be a person or some type of being standing on a platform looking down at me. At first I said to myself "This can't be real",but the more I observed the picture blown up closely afterwards,it definitely appears to be "someone" or "something" standing on a type of platform hiding under camafloug in a cloud.