A flying saucer attacks a family in Zebulon, NC

On November 24, 2016, a family was walking down the streets of Zebulon (Wake County, North Carolina) when a little flying saucer is appeared in the sky. This object hit several people!

Witness report:

I was visiting girlfriend’s home for Thanksgiving Holiday to meet parents, went outside with her father, brother, and girlfriend when we saw the saucer. The neighbor’s dog was ballistic. The UFO hurtled back and forth between the two yards, about the size of a trash can lid, and struck the dog on the side. Saucer also grazed my girlfriend and her brother. We had all had a drink, but we were all sober enough to know what we saw. The craft had an undistinguishable colour and the lighting was poor, however, we were able to see strange black characters inscribed on the (presumed) hull of the UFO. The craft landed and took off several times throughout our observation of the events. Later, some scorch marks were found in the lawn. The object did not have lights of its own; however, it did emit an aquamarine glow, making it more difficult to see the colour of the UFO’s body. No life forms were seen. Possibly an alien drone? A government drone?

As for observer backgrounds, my girlfriend is studying finance and accounting at a university near our apartment, but we observed the object at her parents’ house in Zebulon. Her father is an employee at the pharmaceutical company in the town, and her brother was also visiting from college. I, myself, am a sales rep for a large company located in Washington state.

Photo: Five County Stadium in Zebulon, bJames Willamor Own workCC BY-SA 3.0Link