Strange light chased by a helicopter in Colorado

On November 10, 2016, at 19:35, a witness and his son have spotted a mysterious fast-moving light in the sky over Colorado Springs. The weirdest thing is that this object was chasing by a helicopter.

Witness report:

My son and I were outside approx 15 minutes ago, and saw a helicopter chasing a light in the sky.

The light was moving so fast that it was difficult to discern a shape and therefore unidentifiable as anything other than a fast-moving light.

The helicopter climbed and sped up to match altitude and speed of the light. The light disappeared from our view. It seemed that the helicopter lost sight of it as well because it seemed to slow down and fly in what I can only call a "searching manner". Then it too left our view, but we could still hear the helicopter for a few minutes.

We scanned the sky visually for a few more minutes and then came back inside...a bit shocked, I might add.

Photo: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, by User Greverod on sv.wikipedia - Own workCC BY-SA 3.0Link