Black heart-shaped UFO caught over Columbia

On November 10, 2016, a witness was at a grocery store in Columbia (in Missouri, USA) when he has taken a photo of a black heart-shaped UFO in the blue sky. Very strange…

Witness report:

I was at the Gerbes grocery store on Ash Street in Columbia Mo. I had stopped to get a phone call in without driving my car at the same time. I have a sunroof on the roof of my car and I hung up the cell phone and the sun roof was open and I heard a helicopter and saw looking through the sunroof that it was green in color like a primer green but it wasn't a Huey, it looked like a military helicopter but wasn't sure so I thought to take a picture or 2 to see what it looked like maybe zoomed in. I knew pretty sure that it wasn't a helicopter like the kind that was flown in Vietnam it was modern and I thought it was just a little odd but not unheard of I live about 50 -70 miles from Whitman Air Force Base and there are military planes and stuff that fly over from time to time that I notice. I never saw the object in the pictures until a couple of days after I took the pictures. For some reason I wondered if I had caught anything else in the pictures that I took so I looked at the pictures on my phone and zoomed it in and paned around the photo. I saw this small heart shaped object in the first picture and I was pretty sure it was an object but I wanted to see if it was in the second picture as well and it was now the pictures are taken a good distance between them so I figured that if I can see it in the next picture it wasn't just an anomaly like something wrong with the picture anyway back to the same day I took the pictures, after I took the last picture I could take I just got ready and drove away with no other unusual things that I noticed.