A witness abducted by grey aliens

One night of August 11, 2014, an inhabitant of Massillon (Ohio) stated that he was abducted by grey aliens. He realized two drawings. He sent them on MUFON website.

Witness statement:

I'm going to say I did not believe in alien abduction before this happened. I know it wasnt a dream. I was at home. Laying in my bed writing a song. I was really depressed and didn't know why I was still alive what was my purpose. I wasn't tired or anything but I guess I must have fell asleep or something because the next thing I know Im laying on a bed. It was hard and felt like metal under my body. I was naked. I could only turn my head a little looking around I see beings gray but not short they were tall Id say around 6ft. They had eyes the shape of almonds. They had no clothing on. they didnt walk they moved so smoothly. I started to panic because 3 of them started towards me. All of the sudden I get this voice in my head to turn my head to the right. as im turning my head above me are these tubes the werent hard but like rubber that wiggled. As i finished turning my head standing beside me was this tall being. His head was gray he had almond shaped eyes but his body was like liquid universe. he told me not to be afraid, but he didnt speak it. It was like he was in my head speaking. all of the sudden i get this sharp burning pain in my left ankle. I tried to moved i tried to do something but i was being held down by some force or maybe paralyzed. Again this main being came right over me and looked down at me I could feel tears going down my face. In my head I spoke why is this happening. He like smiled but i didnt see the smile I felt it. He told me that I needed to tell them something. I cant remember what Im suppose to tell and I dont know who Im suppose to tell it to. After that my head snapped to where I was looking up at these hanging tubes. One of them started to slowly come down towards me. As it got to my right eye it went from limp and soft to hard and it had a point like a needle. As the needle type tube was about to enter my right eye the main being put his hand on my forehead. The next thing I know I wake up and Im looking out into space. Im in a smaller ufo looking at the main UfO. But it was all hazy like I was drugged. The windows on the big cigar shaped UFO looked like swirling water. The next thing I know Im laying back in my bed two hours later. My left ankle felt like it was on fire i put my hand down there and felt a mark. it was diamond shaped. It looked like it had already started healing as a scar. For the next week I had a hard time walking on that foot. It felt like something was burning inside my ankle.

Its now 2016 I still have the diamond shaped scar but its very light. I dont know what they did when the stuck that tube needle into my eye. I really want to find a way to remember what I am suppose to tell then, whom ever them is.

Ever since this I have become a recluse. I want to now what happened to me that night and why they did these things to me.

Will they visit me again? You can feel on my ankle where the thing is. What do they want?