4 white UFO caught over the Salt Lake Temple, Utah

On November 2016, a witness has photographed at least four white circular-shaped UFO flying over one of the most famous Mormon temple located in Salt Lake.

Witness statement:

I was on the 10th Floor of the Joseph Smith building in downtown Salt Lake City looking north west to take photo of the Temple. I was with a group of kids from our church. Did not notice the four objects when the photo was taken January 15, 2016 5:18 PM MDT.

They came to my attention November 1, 2016 when I was scanning other photos for a business presentation.

After looking at the photos of the Temple with the images I'm curious as to what they are. I'm suspect they are something logical but I don't know what they could be.

There are copies of the photos that have the word edited in there name. I don't know why they are labeled that way.