Translucent UFO caught over Thessaloniki, Greece

On September 30, 2016, a witness was with his friends in the city of Thessaloniki, in Greece. Suddenly, they has spotted a transparent triangular-shaped UFO in the blue sky.

Witness statement:

1. Me and my friends made a visit to Thessaloniki doing sightseeing of local places and sights.
2. We were standing in front of Hagia Sophia watching nearby buildings when we caught a glimpse of the described object in question.
3. I immediately regarded / considered it to be some sort of UFO...
4. The object was / behaved very inconspicuous(ly); was tringle in shape, translucent / transparent in colour, with obscured outlines and unwavering lights at three apexes; it seemed to be hovering / floating over buildings, ascending, descending, leaning to sides;
5. We were surprised, making no action, just taking two photos of object (unfortunately with a digital camera with almost discharged batteries which is the reason for the images to be of very low quality; also we could not record a video...).
6. We had to leave the place for the sake of limited time.