Square-shaped UFO over Jupiter, Florida

On Octobre 8, 2016, a few hours after Hurricane Matthew, a woman has taken a photo of a square-shaped UFO in the sky. The object emitted 9 bright lights. The witness didn't see it when she was here.

Witness report:

My sister posted a pic on her facebook on the night after Hurricane Matthew skirted the Florida east coast (see attached photo) I noticed on the left hand side in between the phone/power cables that there was a pattern of three rows of orb shaped objects and another orb that was separate underneath the 9 or so arranged in rows. It appears as though the bottom orb is being slightly clipped by the lines leading me to believe it's in the back round and in the sky. I was not a witness to the picture , my sister took it and she only noticed the objects after I pointed them out in the comments section. On her page of the picture. I zoomed in and it definitely looked suspicious and didn't look like anything I had seen in the sky before and arranged in that type of pattern especially.