He discovers an alien implant in his chin

On March 1st, 2011, a witness living in Oshawa (Province of Ontario, Canada) has discovered a possible alien implant in his body. He has photographed it before to publish image on MUFON website.

Witness statement:

The object was discovered in my chin which appeared for a number of years to be just a bump, and then hair which was really bothersome. I experienced headaches and rapid dental decay. The object did not show up on full dental x-rays.

One night after shaving, (razors were getting nicked on this object, but I didn't realize at the time this was the cause), i decided to try and pull the hair out since it was scratchy, and finally a bit was visible. After several months of working at it, I was finally able to extract the object which appeared to be a tiny metal spiral pointed on both ends. When trying to observe the object in any detail closely, my vision would blur, or if aided with magnifying lens, it would shift out of focus.

The clearest shot (image) of the object (which I still posses the physical object), is presented in the image which I was able to do after zooming in as best I can without seeing any distortions. A picture without zooming in was more distorted on the object itself. The object itself is inside of a plastic zip-lock bag, and aside from out of focus properties, it appears to be dormant if it did serve any other purpose. I have held onto the object until I was able to figure out what to do with it.

I do not recall any event or potential event in my past which could have cause this to be inserted into my chin (assuming that is it's original location), or anywhere else.