Bright triangular-shaped UFO caught over Dallas, Texas

On September 14, 2016, an inhabitant of Dallas (in Texas) was taking pictures of the sunset. Later, when he has checked the photos, he has noticed a bright triangular-shaped UFO.

Witness statement:

I was home,decided to take pictures of the sunset. My intentions were to catch the sunset and part of the Dallas skyline. The 1st picture I took was on the Jeep setting rendering the photo dark, l quickly changed the settings to hdr and snapped 2 more pictures.I never saw anything in the sky or heard anything.I didn't review the pictures until later, on the 3rd frame I noticed a light that I had not seen when I snapped the shot. Enlarging the photo I was surprised to see an object with the a triangular shape with a dark circular shape and what appears to be a small light. I was so excited to have finally capture a UFO, or what I believe is an UFO. I've refueled a lot of aircraft in my years in the USAF and I have never seen anything like that.