Black triangle UFO caught over Chennai, India

On October 10, 2016, a witness was in a temple in Chennai (the capital of the State of Tamil Nadu, in India). This day, he has caught a photo of a black triangular-shaped UFO in the sky.

Witness statement:

I visited temple (similar to church ) near my home at a place called besant nagar. I took 2 pictures of sky in quick succession. After some time I found a triangle shaped hovering in one picture. I feel its a UFO because the place where I was during the picture was taken is a historical place where many god miracles have taken place. You can google "pamban swamigal temple ". This person "pamban swamigal " is a saint who lived till 1929. He didnt die. He attained a stage where he just reached god at his will power. You can learn about this person at Wikipedia. second reason i believe its a UFO is the place is located near to beach. I have heard from my grand father he has seen similar objects disappearing into the ocean. I have attached three pictures. you can see triangel shaped object in top right corner in one picture. Thank you.