Black flying saucer caught during Oktoberfest

On September 29, 2016, a man was arriving in Oktoberfest (in Munich, Germany). So, he decided to take a photo of himself. The following day, when he was checking his images, he noticed a black flying saucer.

Witness statement:

I was just arrive in Oktoberfest in Munich, so I decided to walk around to see everything before to decide where to drink the first beer.

I started to take photos with my phone. It was on 29th september 2016. Next day, 30th september, I was checking my photos and I noticed one of them which I didn't remember to have taken. I think it was taken when i was changing the normal camera of my phone to the frontal camera.

In this photo appear something similar to a UFO Blimp. However, I'm note an expert, thats the reason why i searched this website to request your opinion.

I didn't see the object during the Oktoberfest, just next day in the photo. Sorry for that =(