A very strange statue found on Mars

On October 2016, an ufologist has found a very strange statue carved into the hillside on Mars. This sculpture seems to be a hand holding something like a pen!

Scott C. Waring explains:

This is a statue carved into the hillside. The face is easy to see next to the hand holding a long object that could be a pen, pipe or flute. The hillside seems to have been made in layers, much like a 3D printer makes, so this does not appear to have been made by hands, but by technology. Strangely, you can even make out another hand below it going the same direction (second hand) and did you notice you can see fingernails on both hands? Its true.

DailyRealDiscoveries states:

We may have found part of a statue or an optical illusion. You decide! Mars sol 1454, Mast Take a look.

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