A triangular UFO transparent spotted over Montreal

On September 24, 2016, an inhabitant of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) was in his balcony when he has seen a black triangular-shaped UFO. This incredible object was almost transparent and witness could see the stars through it.

Witness statement:

I was on my balcony where I live when I saw it. I was scaning the sky as I do to watch airplanes go by in the night sky. over montreal there's a lot of air trafic and as I was watching this plane go by I've notice faint lights crossing that plane right underneath it. Its only when it flew at great speed right overhead that I saw what it was or wasn't because what I saw definitely wasn't a plane. It was triangular in shape and look almost transparent either it was black or was in somekind of cloaking mode. there was red and greenish lights around the edges of the craft witch helped me to notice it first and establish its shape because otherwise I woudln't have seen it at all. Even the lights was quite faint but I could see it clearly because my attention zeroed in that thing and my brain was going a thousand mile trying to make sense of it and to sink in as much as i could of the event witch lasted 3 second, maybe four at the most. It might sound like not enough time to see something but believe you me it is more then enough to know this was not normal. And to me the creepiest part of it all is the absence of sounds. it moved in total silence. I was shocked by it and made me uncomfortable like they are stalking us. It disappear in the horizon real quick. It was as fast as a jet fighter. It had no blinking lights like a plane would have. I replayed and replayed my memory of it to try to discredit what i saw but honestly could not. It was a traumatic experience to say the least. when I tried to talk to my brothers and my sisters about it they were all laughing and making jokes about it.