A black and fast UFO caught over Coxsackie, NY

On September 23, 2016, a witness has caught a black unidentified flying object unintentionally over Coxsackie, a city located in the state of New York, USA. This object appeared on just one photo so it was probably very fast.

Witness statement:

Everyday, I go out to take photos of the Sun. Today, I took around 25 photos around 1:00pm EST. and they were one after the other. When I got finished, I went inside and downloaded them onto my computer. As I was going through each photo, I saw a photo which had the sun in it, and I noticed above the sun an object.I went to the photo before and after to see if the object was in any of those. The only photo I ave is one that has this unusual object. Because of taking photos one right after the other, I have to assume that the object was flying fast and that I caught it on one photo. I blew the photo up to see if it was anything. I believe for the first time in my life, I caught a UFO.