Very weird orb caught in Burlington, WA

On June 19, 2016, a person was at the warehouse store in Burlington (state of Washington). Suddenly, he has accidentally caught a mysterious orb in the blue sky. Very strange…

Witness report:

I was at the warehouse store in Burlington, WA, by the gas pumps, just parked my car. I was checking out my camera on my Samsung Note 4 and I was going to drop the phone and when I went to save it, I accidentally pressed the picture shooter and the camera began taking continuous shots, multiple shots per second.

When I was done shopping, and arrived home, I started looking at the photos and realized that one had what looked like it had a funnel that appeared in the sky (which now I think is a portal) and/or sonic boom; the next photo shows the funnel reduced to a round pathway and an orb shooting through. The following photo shows the orb travelling, as well as the following photo. Then it looks like a ring develops around the orb. Finally the orb continues on and disappears.

At first I thought it was a cloud (the first photo), but as I zoomed in to the far right, it was obviously a formation of a some sort.

I knew what the object was because I have read and seen photos of it. I also know that many think that orbs are just weather balloons or satellites. I think that these photos tell a different story. The object looks like it came through a portal that opened up and immediate closed as the object shot through and began to travel.

These photos were taken slightly over a second as it was a rapid photo shoot. These were captured by accident.

I am not convinced that it is a weather balloon. I would like to know what it really is.