Several small disc-shaped UFOs caught over Vineyard Haven

On June 14, 2016, an inhabitant of Vineyard Haven (Dukes County, Massachusetts) has observed small discs / orbs flying over rooftop during 1 or 2 minutes.

Witness report:

Doing yard work when I noticed the first object passing over. Approx. time was 3:15 PM. I was in the shadow of my roof line and thought that is a strange shiny object . Don't remember why I initially looked up . It passed by in a NW to SE direction. I watched it travel at a good clip over the tree line to my left. Sky was crystal clear and just a slight breeze. About one minute after another traveled the identical route. I observed more closely. Each one passed over pretty evenly spaced by about 1-2 min. between. As the sixth one passed over my son drove up the driveway and I insisted he watch for just one minute. He was in a hurry but did so anyway. He also saw one pass over and dismissed it as a mylar balloon.

To me this didn't look at all like balloons and it was pretty creepy. They appeared to be small craft of some kind. Seeing I had already seen so many I ran into the house and grabbed my camera. Cannon power shot. It' not so great for videos and does a pretty poor job of zooming so I set it on infinity as they were so small and pretty far away. First tried two short clips of video . One is about 10 sec. the second about 5. Took four pics and the battery died. They were still coming one at a time consistently spaced so I grabbed my telescope from the basement pulled it outside and realized the eyepiece was missing. Ran in to the house brought the computer online , called NUFORC and they advised me to take careful notes. Called my wife because I couldn't find the binoculars - found them and ran back outside with scrap paper , pen and binocs. I managed to focus on 3 or 4 still about one or two min. apart and the sun was reflecting off of them brightly to begin with and they appeared to have a small dome on top. As they traveled to my left the suns reflection wasn't as strong and was able to not only see a small dome but a faint red orange ring at the base of the dome. The shape overall was a fat disc or squashed basketball with the dome on top. The final one I saw was at 4:03 PM and it passed over a small single engine plane . I have to guess that the plane was about 600 to 800 ft. and the object in question was another 2 hundred feet higher. As it passed over the plane it curved more towards the SW instead of SE. I was a little relieved because I was able to get more perspective for my depth perception. The final orb traveled N to S then took a slight hook to the E. This was so fascinating , exciting and confusing to watch unfold. I saw an approx. total of 25 . I have in my notes 4:05 was the last one. I do regret talking to others about this already and am glad this can remain anonymous.