Glowing UFO caught during night over Walpole Island

On August 16, 2014, an inhabitant of Walpole Island (in southwestern Ontario, Canada) has photographed a very mysterious and colored UFO during night. What is it?

Witness report:

I was outside taking pictures of orbs at night with a digital camera with a flash.

When I was taking pictures by the house, I viewed through the viewfinder when taking these pictures and also use the flash.

Sometimes I just point and snap without looking through the viewfinder.

Looking through the camera's viewfinder, I seen this rainbow thing in the air just what it looks like, I quickly tried to get picture of it and I did! It took the camera about 2-3 seconds to reload the flash to take another picture and I was able to again.

What is this?

It's not a spiderweb, bug or any object. I've taken pictures of those things - bugs, spiderwebs, dust many times.

I had moved my position slightly before taking the second picture. You can still see it changed position from one picture to the next as it came right at me in a westerly direction.

You can see the very low height of it by the satellite dish it is first near and the exterior of the house and in the second shot it is lower, coming in the camera's direction.

Thank you.