Colored triangular-shaped UFO caught over Dubai

On June 11, 2016, during night, a witness living in the United Arab Emirates has caught a very colored triangular-shaped UFO over Dubai.

Witness statement:

I was in Bin Ladin signal near police station around 3 am in Sharjah.
I didn't have the remaining balance to pay my taxi so I drop on the last price I have in my wallet so my house is not far from where I stopped the first thing I saw was the light I thought it was an airplane or star but when I look more it move very fast and from different direction the craft was 3 and came together forming triangle shape then about 10 minutes the craft change direction and fly different ways so I quickly try to record but my mobile battery is not charged to record video so I took some picture with my phone before the battery die, during this process I can see some high way light deeming and stop and then I was so scared to even go home alone.
When I got home I charge my mobile and zoom the picture it then I can understand the shape, I got home and I feel confused, so that why I try look for a the site to report this, and also this is the second time I saw that at my company I was doing over time at night went a big light move across my company around 1:30am, I was scared and I stop work instantly, so the following day I ask my manager to tell my boss to get CCTV camera to I installed it around the company but since then I didn't see any, because I live inside the company.