Bright UFO caught over a building in Berryville, Arizona

On June 6, 2016, a witness was in work in Berryville (Arizona, USA). After to have caught several photos, he has noticed a bright UFO on one of them…

Witness statement:

I was at a location performing duties for my job which included taking photos of subject properties. I took approximately 16 photos of various subjects at this location and noticed that there was an object above a building in one of the photos after I had left the location. It did not appear to be an airplane or any known aircraft. After noticing this object in the photo, I isolated the object in question in a photo editor and filtered the image to gain some perspective about what was in the photo. It appears to be an unidentifiable object. I did not notice this object when I was at this location but do know that there was no noise as one would expect with an airplane, helicopter, etc.