Black V-shaped UFO spotted over Everett, WA

On May 31, 2016, a man and his wife were driving on a road in Everett (in the state of Washington, USA). Suddenly, the man has seen a black V-shaped UFO moving in the blue sky.

Witness statement:

My husband and I were driving down Colby at 3:45pm 5/31/16 when my husband saw an object in the sky about 200 feet in the air. We pulled over into a parking lot to observe the object. It was triangular shaped and appeared dark until it slowly turned so you could see front of triangle shape and it reflected silver in color. It was hovering in sky with point of triangle pointing straight up and would slowly turn to the side with point of triangle pointing up and also to the side with point of triangle pointing to the left (north). We at first thought it might be a huge kite, but it slowly moved north rotating directions as it went going several miles as it was rising into the air. We watched it for around 20 minutes until it was out of sight. It did not rise out of sight into the atmosphere, it kept going in a northerly directions rising a little as it went. I took some pictures with my phone camera, you can see the triangular shape of object.
We were baffled, did not know what it was, think was possibly a UFO.